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PLENARY: Possible speakers in the general debate today include: OAS, Brazil, SELA, US, Singapore, Uganda, ESCAP, Jamaica, Samoa, SPREP and Greenpeace. Possible afternoon speakers include: Micronesia, Solomon Islands, ECA, Egypt, Seychelles, Afghanistan, UNIDO, Nauru, Costa Rica, the Canadian Development Bank, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and the International Social Service.

MAIN COMMITTEE: The Main Committee will resume at 11:00 am to allow AOSIS/G-77 time to consult on the EU's paper on finance. The Chair hopes that there will be progress to report on the outstanding paragraphs in Chapter XV. It is likely that the Committee will finish the finance paragraphs in Chapter XV and then move on to address the Preamble. Arrangements have been made for an evening session.

GEF BRIEFING: There will be a briefing on "The Global Environment Facility: Opportunities and Challenges and Additional Funding Sources for SIDS for Convention Implementation" today at 1:00 pm in Conference Room 3.

UNESCO BRIEFING: The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO will give a presentation on oceans and small islands today at 4:00 pm in Conference Room 4.