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SIDS/NET AND SIDS/TAP: The General Assembly invited UNDP to initiate the implementation of SIDS/TAP by preparing a directory and consulting with SIDS and other interested parties to determine the most effective means of implementation. The General Assembly also asked UNDP to coordinate further interregional and intraregional consultations between relevant technical experts of SIDS and other interested States, agencies and relevant organizations to further elaborate SIDS/NET. While AOSIS had hoped that these two programmes would be underway by the 50th session of the General Assembly in 1995, the resolution did not give UNDP any deadlines for implementation. Look for UNDP to continue consultations and development of these two programmes in 1995.

COMMISSION ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Look for the CSD to begin to incorporate the review of the SIDS Programme of Action in the context of its multi-year thematic programme of work for monitoring the implementation of Agenda 21. The next meeting of the CSD is scheduled for 11-28 April 1995 in New York. The CSD will focus its work on the following chapters of Agenda 21: poverty, demographics, integrating environment and development in decision-making; biotechnology; major groups; information; financial resources and mechanisms; technology transfer; science, education; land management; forests; desertification; mountains; sustainable agriculture; and biodiversity.

SMALL ISLAND DEVELOPING STATES UNIT: Look for the establishment of this new unit within the Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development in 1995. Three posts have been recommended: a Unit Chief, who will be responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of the Unit under the Programme of Action; an economics affairs officer, who will assist the Chief of the Unit in organizing support and servicing of the intergovernmental and inter-agency meetings on issues relating to the implementation of the Programme of Action, maintain liaison with relevant agencies, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and contribute to the preparation of their respective reports; and a general services support person.

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