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PLENARY: Morning and afternoon sessions of the Plenary, meeting in the Plenary Hall, are expected. The opening ceremony is expected to commence at 10:00 am with a statement by Dr. Ivy Dumont, Bahamas Minister of Education and Training and President of COP-1. The Philippines is expected to nominate Indonesia's State Minister of Environment Dr. Sarwonok Kusumaatmaya as President of COP-2. Executive Secretary Dr. Calestous Juma will make a statement on behalf of the Secretariat. There will be a cultural event followed by a coffee break during which the International Biodiversity Technology Fair will be officially opened. Delegates will then elect the remaining Bureau officers and adopt the agenda and organization of work. The chairs of the three regional preparatory meetings will report on their deliberations. Reports on the SBSTTA and the outcome of the third session of the Commission on Sustainable Development will be given. Kenya, Switzerland, Canada and Spain will each make presentations in their bid for the location of the Secretariat. A report on the administration and budget of the CBD is expected. Recommendations of the Global Biodiversity Forum might be presented.