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While delegates discussed the draft Declaration for the WSSD in Conference Room 4, there were also numerous consultations in the corridors. Polish Amb. Zbigniew Maria Wlosowicz has been holding consultations on the Rules of Procedure, specifically on the number and distribution of seats on the Bureau for the Summit as well as for the Main Committee. He has also been consulting on the organization of the Summit, including: the length of the actual Summit meeting of Heads of State or Government; the nature of the pre-Summit Plenary debate; and if only Heads of State or Government can speak during the Summit portion.

Canada has also organized very informal discussions on the draft Programme of Action with the aim of understanding and prioritizing issues, and analyzing the goals of the Summit.

NGOs have been busy lobbying delegates on numerous issues. The Women's Caucus has been particularly active. One of their goals is to ensure that the Summit recognizes International Women's Day, which is during the Summit on 8 March 1995.