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COMMITTEE I: During consideration of Agenda Item 7, Review of National Action To Provide Shelter For All Since Habitat I, the Committee issues related to Habitat II were discussed. Measurement tools were unavailable for Habitat I but they now need to be implemented, particularly through the global indicators programme. The urban poor should be integrated through a government credit policy so that this sector can save for their housing and other needs.

COMMITTEE II: The Committeecontinued debate of Agenda Item 4, Activities of the UNCHS: progress report of the Executive Director. Discussion centered on housing rights as described in document HS/C/15/2/Add.2, Towards A Housing Rights Strategy. The US said that while it supports the goal of shelter for all and the right of non-discriminatory access to housing, financing and other conditions that support adequate housing, the right to adequate housing should be deleted. The Netherlands, Sweden and the Holy See supported retaining the right to adequate housing. At the end of the morning session, the Chair requested that an informal consultative group chaired by the Philippines and including the US, Mexico, the Netherlands and Uganda propose a draft resolution on the right to housing. The consultative group recommended in the afternoon session that UNCHS should include the right to housing in its biennial work plan. Debate on specific language for the work plan's focus continued through the afternoon.