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The 15th CHS adopted the reports and resolutions of its committees in HS/C/15/L.1(Nos. 1-11) and corrigenda and concluded its session.

Committee II's conclusions on the right to housing are contained in several documents. Chapter III of the draft report includes three paragraphs summarizing the debate over whether the right to housing is an established human right and whether it should be included in CHS documents. It notes that an informal working party draft resolution and other texts had not been accepted. Chapter VIII notes disagreement over inclusion of the right to housing in the biennial work programme, that the Committee deferred the decision to the Plenary and cites the draft resolution adopted by the Committee for further examination by the Executive Director. Plenary approved the UNCHS draft work programme and instructed the executive director to discharge his responsibilities regarding the right to housing subprogramme element, taking into full account the background of discussions and the resolution. The Executive Director said that he would attach a rider reflecting this decision to relevant documents.