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INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS: Informal consultations on the Global Plan of Action will be held during the intersessional period. The first meeting will probably be held in Nairobi and the second may be held to coincide with the Second Committee of the General Assembly's consideration of Habitat II in late October or early November 1995. Look for drafts to be circulated by the Secretariat for comments between now and PrepCom III. For more information, contact the Habitat II Secretariat, UNCHS, P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi, Kenya; tel:+254-2-623988; fax: +254-2-623080; e-mail: habitat2@unep.no.

50TH UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY: The 50th Session of the United Nations General Assembly will consider the report of the Second Session of the PrepCom. This agenda item may be brought before the Second Committee at the end of October or early November and the drafting of any resolutions dealing with Habitat will occur in November. It is likely that the informal drafting group may meet in New York during this period.

PREPCOM III: The proposed dates for the Third PrepCom for Habitat II, to be held in New York, are 12-23 February 1996.

URBAN TRANSPORT SEMINAR: The National University of Singapore, with support from UNCHS, is organizing a Global Workshop on the theme, "Transport and Communication for Urban Development." The Workshop will be held in Singapore from 3-5 July 1995. Other sponsors of the meeting are UNEP, the Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). For further information contact Prof. Lim Lan Yuan, School of Building & Estate Management, National University of Singapore; fax: +65- 775-5502.

UN 50TH ANNIVERSARY MEETING AND HABITAT II PEOPLE'S FORUM: A meeting called "We the Peoples" will be held in San Francisco from 21-24 June 1995 during the 50th Anniversary celebration activities. This meeting will focus on the relationship between NGOs and the UN system. One of the themes for the event will be human settlements and US NGOs hope to raise awareness about Habitat II. For more information contact Don Edwards, Citizen's Network for Sustainable Development; fax: +1 202-667-4870; e-mail: donedwards@econet.apc.org.

MEETING WITH TURKISH NGOS: Plans are underway for a meeting in July between Turkish NGOs and those NGOs involved in preparations for the NGO Forum in Istanbul during the Habitat II Conference. For further information on preparations for the NGO Forum, NGOs should contact an NGO facilitating committee representative. (See box on page 12.)

THE FUTURE OF LATIN AMERICAN CITIES: A regional conference on the future of Latin American cities will be held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from 14-16 August 1995. The meeting is co-sponsored by UNEP and the Inter-American Development Bank. For more information contact the Habitat II Secretariat.

BEST PRACTICES: The Habitat II Secretariat is sponsoring a sharing of experiences on ways to make the world's cities more healthy, safe, equitable and sustainable. Examples of "Best Practices" that can be considered useful models can be nominated for the Global 100 Knowledge-base of Best Practices. A panel of experts will select the ten Best Practices, which will form part of an exhibit of Best Practices at the Conference and those involved will be invited to Istanbul. For information on how to nominate and submit examples of Best Practice, contact the Habitat II Secretariat.

WORLD CITIES AND THE URBAN FUTURE COLLOQUIUM: The United Nations University will host a colloquium on "Human Settlements and the Urban Future" in Tokyo from 23-25 August 1995. For more information, contact Nicholas You at the Habitat II Secretariat.

THE DUBAI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BEST PRACTICES: The Municipality of Dubai and UNCHS are jointly organizing a meeting to be held in Dubai from 19-22 November 1995, on best practices. The Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to share experiences in addressing shelter and urbanization problems. For further information contact: Dubai Municipality, P.O. Box 67, Dubai, UAE; tel: +971-4-221141 and fax: +971-4-231795; or Nicholas You at the Habitat II Secretariat.

THE NANTES MEETING: The French Government will sponsor a meeting, ECOPOLIS-95, following the Dubai Conference, to address the question of partnerships between the public and private sectors. Mayors of 21 cities, with equal representation from the different regions, who have significant initiatives on the issue, will be sponsored to the meeting. Additional information may obtained from the Habitat II Secretariat.

UK NGO/ACADEMIC CONSULTATION ON URBAN SUSTAINABILITY: The first meeting in a series of sessions on urban sustainability will be held on 19 May 1995 in London. These sessions will cover issues such as sustainability indicators, transport, poverty alleviation and the notion of sustainable cities. For further information contact Felix Dodds, UNED-UK; tel: +44-171-930-2931; fax: +44-171-930-5893; e-mail: una@mcr1.poptel.org.uk

URBAN GOVERNANCE: Germany will host an international workshop in Berlin during October on Urban Governance.

ECONOMIES IN TRANSITION: The fourth meeting of Ministers responsible for Human Settlements in the countries with economies in transition will be held from 13-14 June 1995, in Budapest, Hungary. The meeting will focus on preparations for Habitat II at both the regional and local levels.

WORLD HABITAT DAY: World Habitat Day will be celebrated on 2 October 1995. Two special events are planned for Curitiba, Brazil, and Johannesburg, South Africa. For more information, contact UNCHS, fax: +254-2-624266.

WOMEN'S ACCESS TO LAND: The National Land Survey Agency of Sweden will host a meeting on Women's Access to Land during the Fall of 1995. This meeting will focus on proposals for addressing the problem. For more information contact Lars Karlberg, Executive Secretary of the Swedish Preparatory Group, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Boplats 96, Stockholm, Sweden, S-10333; tel: +46-8-405349; fax: +46-8-241578; e-mail: Lars_G.P._Karlberg@ett.se.

ARAB CITIES TOWARDS HABITAT II: The Municipality of Amman, Jordan, UNCHS (Habitat) and UNDP are jointly coordinating a meeting on "Arab Cities Towards Habitat II", to be held in January 1996. For more information contact Mamdouh Al Abbadi, The Lord Mayor of Amman, Amman Municipality, Amman, Jordan; fax: +962-6-628938.

"COUNTDOWN TO ISTANBUL": The Habitat II Secretariat publishes "Countdown to Istanbul, which focuses on preparations for Istanbul. To request a subscription or to inquire about submitting articles, contact Rasna Warah at the Habitat II Secretariat.

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