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On 13 November 1995, Dr. Wally N'Dow briefed General Assembly (GA) delegates about the upcoming conference. The Habitat II Coordinator for the Host Country, Mr. G�rel T�z�n, also briefed delegates regarding preparations for the UN Conference, NGO Forum and International Trade Fair, all of which will meet simultaneously. The Second Committee of the UN General Assembly addressed Habitat II on 15 November 1995. Dr. N'Dow expressed his hope that the GA would support the PrepCom recommendation to encourage participation of local authorities at Habitat II. He also stressed additional financial support for the preparatory activities of the Secretariat. Twenty-three States spoke in the ensuing debate.

The resolution adopted by the GA endorses the report of PrepCom II. It sets the dates for PrepCom III and asks the Secretary-General to make provisions, within existing resources, for PrepCom III to establish two working groups in addition to the plenary meetings. The resolution also: reaffirms that the Conference should be held at the highest possible level of participation; expresses appreciation to those States and organizations that have made or pledged financial or other contributions in support of the preparatory activities for the Conference; requests the Secretary-General of the Conference to continue to make every effort to raise extrabudgetary resources for Conference activities and preparations; renews its appeal to all governments to make contributions to the voluntary fund; and encourages all relevant NGOs to participate in and contribute to the Conference and its preparatory process.