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PLENARY: The Plenary will meet during a morning session in Conference Room 2. After adoption of the Agenda and accreditation of NGOs and local authorities, the Plenary is expected to form two working groups.

WORKING GROUP I: Working Group I is expected to address matters concerning the Conference itself and its organization (Agenda Item 3). The Group is expected to meet for an afternoon session in Conference Room 2.

WORKING GROUP II: Working Group II is expected to convene an official session at noon to organize its work. The Bureau has recommended that Working Group II divide into two subgroups: one to address paragraphs 1-22 (Habitat Agenda) and the other to address paragraphs 23 to the end (Commitments and Global Plan of Action).

IISD PANEL: The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) will host a panel on "Encouraging Community Lessons from Citizens' Initiatives" in Conference Room 9 from 1:30-2:30 p.m.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Some delegations have stated that their positions on the issue of a human right to adequate housing were misunderstood at Prepcom II in Nairobi. Debate over this issue resulted in lengthy legal arguments, and delegations will likely make an effort to clarify their positions at this meeting. The US plans to distribute a position paper on adequate shelter for all. The EU may also submit a proposal on the issue.