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Working Group II Chair Amb. H.L. de Silva (Sri Lanka) presented the Bureau's proposal to split WGII into two subgroups to consider the draft Statement of Principles and Commitments and Global Plan of Action (A/CONF.165/PC.3/4). Delegates accepted an amended G-77/China proposal that Subgroup A consider paragraphs 1-35 and 143-162 (preamble, goals and principles, commitments, international cooperation and coordination and implementation and follow-up). Subgroup B will consider the remaining sections in paragraphs 36-141. Delegates nominated Dr. Glynn Khonje (Zambia) as Chair of Subgroup A and Edmundo Hermosilla (Chile) as Chair of Subgroup B. Morocco suggested defining terms such as "urban," "rural," and "the private sector" because they mean different things to developed and developing countries.