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The first session of Subgroup C of Working Group II convened in the afternoon to consider proposed amendments to Section B (Adequate shelter for all). Paragraph 66 details actions to be taken by all levels of government to ensure the equitable provision of basic infrastructure and service delivery systems. In the chapeau, the G-77/China, EU and Australia wanted to retain "equitable" provision; the US preferred a reference to provision "for all". In 66a, the G-77/China called for the provision of serviced land for the development of new and upgraded schemes for basic services and recreation. In 66b, citing FWCW, the US specified the inclusion of men, women and people with disabilities in decision-making. In 66c, the US preferred "involve, encourage and, as appropriate, assist." In 66e Australia, supported by the United States, highlighted the mobilization of private sector funds. In 66f the US suggested WSSD language, referring to "people living in poverty." In 66g, delegates preferred dialogue "among" all stakeholders. The EU proposed deletion of additional 66h (information) proposed by UNESCO.