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Working Group I reconvened for its third session. Chair Pamela Mboya referred the Australian proposal (Conference of Commitments) to Plenary for discussion and adoption. Italy reported that delegations had been supplied with certain information on finances for the Conference. Secretary-General N'Dow said the timing to build up momentum and a constituency was far from adequate. He therefore had resorted to special measures. Resources were needed for important efforts including: support for NGOs from developing countries and helping developing countries produce their national plans of action. There was no intention to request further UN resources. The US said questions remained concerning pledges and commitments not yet received, and repayment of advance funding to the Habitat Foundation. The US asked if further borrowing would be contemplated. Dr. N'Dow said some donors had signalled readiness to commit significant resources. Habitat Foundation resources would be replenished. No effort would be spared in resolving that crisis. There had been no reference to illegality in correspondence with the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Business Questions (ACABQ) which directed that the borrowed resources be repaid promptly to the Habitat Foundation. Norway expressed concern about the Habitat Trust Fund II.