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SECTION F. (Impelmentation and follow-up): On 158ter, the G-77/China proposed inserting the title "implementation at the international level" and the statement: the main actors at the global level for the implementation and follow-up of the Habitat Agenda will continue to be Member States of the UN, the UNGA, ECOSOC, the UN Secretary-General, the UN Commission on Human Settlements (the Commission) and its Secretariat, the UN Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS), and all other specialized agencies of programmes in the UN system engaged in activities pertaining to provision of adequate shelter for all and sustainable human settlements. The EU stated that there was no agreement to include the Commission and UNCHS in the list of actors. The G-77/China replied that without the reference, the group should "close shop and go home." The EU bracketed the reference. The G-77/China bracketed all of Section F.

The G-77/China also proposed a paragraph stating that Member States shall exert concerted efforts to achieve implementation of the Habitat Agenda through bilateral, sub-regional, regional and international mechanisms for cooperation, as well as through the UN system and the Bretton Woods institutions. The EU proposed changing "shall" to "should." Delegates then debated sub-paragraphs on the roles of UN organizations and bodies. Delegates noted previous agreement regarding ECOSOC to combine, and later refine, the EU and G-77/China proposals.

Regarding the Commission, the G-77/China noted a "fundamental" disagreement with the EU, which proposed only "monitoring." He proposed combining the EU proposal with the entirety of the G-77/China proposal. For other subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC, Australia proposed a reference to the Commission for Social Development and UN regional commissions. The EU proposal on the Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) calls upon the organization to ensure full participation of its entities in the implementation of the GPA. The G-77/China suggested the ACC establish a task force on the goals of Habitat. The US proposed that UNCHS should be a member of the task force. The EU questioned the need for a special task force because the ACC has already established cross-sectoral task forces.

An EU proposal invites the Secretary-General to ensure effective functioning of the UNCHS. The G-77/China said the language implies that the Center is not functioning properly and needs special attention. The G-77/China proposed "invited to continue to ensure." Delegates also discussed proposals on the effectiveness of other UN organizations, policy evaluations and best practices.

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