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The Drafting Group on the Istanbul Declaration discussed which of the three draft texts (G-77/CHINA, TURKEY, and the EU) would serve as the basis for discussion. The purpose, structure and tenor of the Declaration and its target audience were also discussed. The document from Turkey was described as a precise summary of the Conference agenda. The G-77/CHINA draft, which contains references to new and additional resources and the future role of the UNCHS, has been debated by the Group. Delegates invited the CHAIR to provide a synthesis draft. Delegates also discussed the question of participation of NGOs and Local Authorities in the Drafting Group.

Participants reported progress in the Drafting Group on the “right to housing” and said delegates cooperated and agreed on text in 44, 44bis (chapeau) and the majority of 13. Consultations are continuing on 9 and the group tackled 2bis and 44bis(a) and (b) in an evening session. The newly agreed language is essentially that approved at PrepCom III with minor amendments. References to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and obligations versus responsibilities of governments were among the controversial issues discussed.