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The 17-member Informal Drafting Group (IDG), which included governmental, local government and NGO representatives, was charged with preparing the documentation for PrepCom III. The IDG first met in Nairobi from 17-21 July 1995 to draft the fourth part of the GPA, which deals with strategies for implementation. The IDG draft focused on the following issues: adequate shelter for all; sustainable human settlements in an urbanizing world; capacity building and institutional development; international cooperation and coordination; and tracking progress and impact evaluation. The draft was circulated to UN member States, NGO networks and others, and revised.

The IDG met a second time in Paris from 9-14 October 1995. Delegates reviewed the revised draft and made progress on the text, but deferred a number of matters to PrepCom III, including the principle that deals with the family. The IDG did not submit a draft text on some points, including international financial assistance, housing rights and institutional follow-up.