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As the debate on Joint Implementation (JI) "heats" up, divisions between developing countries based on divergent interests and priorities are becoming apparent. It is clear from Article 4(2)(a) of the Convention that JI can take place between Annex I Parties. Discussion on broadening JI to include developing countries was first initiated at INC-8, raising developing countries' concerns about its potential implications and impacts. Developing countries have viewed JI with varying degrees of skepticism and caution. Concerns have once again been expressed that Annex I Parties should not use JI as a means to avoid meeting their current commitments under the Convention and that JI agreements should not substitute for funding mechanisms under the Convention. However, the position of some developing countries appears to be changing. There are those who favor limiting the JI pilot phase only to Annex I Parties and others who are more amenable to the voluntary and equitable participation of developing countries. There appears to be some agreement among developing countries that the thorny problem of the allotment of greenhouse gas abatement credits and a "baseline" be excluded from the pilot phase.