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At its first session (AGBM 1), which took place from 21-25 August 1995, the AGBM considered several issues, including an analysis and assessment to identify possible policies and measures for Annex I Parties and requests for inputs to subsequent sessions. Delegates debated the nature, content and duration of the analysis and assessment and its relationship to other aspects of the process. Several developed and developing countries stressed that analysis and assessment should be conducted in parallel and not prior to negotiations, but a few developing countries held that more time was needed, particularly to evaluate economic costs. Regarding inputs to subsequent sessions, Parties differed widely on the number of requested inputs, with some developed countries emphasizing the need to avoid delay, while others sought a more comprehensive approach to increase the AGBM’s options. Many developing countries requested minimal inputs, stating that a wealth of information already existed, while a few, mainly oil producing countries emphasized the need for further study on economic impacts. AGBM 1 adopted an agenda of work for its second session, but failed to elect its Bureau.