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The second session of the AGBM was held in Geneva from 30 October - 3 November 1995. Debate over the extent of analysis and assessment continued, but delegates also heard new ideas for the structure and form of a possible protocol. During the week-long meeting, delegates considered: strengthening of commitments in Article 4.2 (a) and (b), regarding policies and measures, as well as quantified emissions limitation and reduction objectives within specified timeframes; advancing the implementation Article 4.1; and possible features of a protocol or other legal instrument.

During the meeting, Spain, on behalf of the European Union, submitted an outline for a protocol or legal instrument. The outline did not include proposals on policies, measures, objectives or timeframes, but was organized on three principles: consistency with prior AGBM discussions; creating a dynamic instrument that can develop over time; and linking measures to existing Convention provisions where they apply. The outline includes six articles: commitments by developed and other Annex I Parties, including a section on voluntary application by non-Annex I Parties; commitments by all Parties; review of commitments; cross-references to FCCC articles; amendment procedures, including simplified procedures for annexes; and final clauses. It would include three annexes of policies and measures: those applicable to all Annex I Parties; those agreed as high priority in national programmes; and those to be considered in national programmes, as appropriate. While delegates did not decide to adopt this outline, they did agree that it merits further consideration.