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The UK and India jointly hosted a workshop in New Delhi, from 25-27 July 1994, to develop guidelines for reporting on forest management to the CSD. Representatives from 39 countries, as well as observers from most of the major international agencies involved in forest matters and a few Indian NGOs, attended the workshop. Participants agreed on a standard framework for countries to use in reporting to the CSD's 1995 session. The workshop found the following headings to be useful in these reports: (1) promotion and implementation of the conservation, management and overall sustainable development of forests; (2) promotion and implementation of the sustainable use of forests and related aspects of economic development, including harvesting and processing of wood and non-wood forest products, recycling of waste, recreation and tourism; (3) the role of major groups and social aspects of forests; (4) institutional building and capacity building; and (5) international and regional cooperation and support. The workshop also noted the work being undertaken on the development of internationally agreed criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management.