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Working Group I was unable to meet during the morning due to technical difficulties with the sound system. Chair Nana Ama Yeboa (Ghana) chaired the afternoon discussion of Chapter V (Institutional Arrangements). In paragraph 290 (institutional and behavioural change), the EU agreed to remove the brackets, subject to the removal of a reference to "treatment of women as sex objects." The G77/China concurred. A number of alternatives to the bracketed section of paragraph 293 (conference of commitments) were discussed, including an Australian proposal that governments report national priorities to the Conference Secretariat. The EU offered a counter proposal, excluding the requirement to report to the Secretariat. In paragraphs 295 (group participation) and 298 (NGOs), brackets were removed from the term "feminist groups." In paragraph 300 (human rights), Canada, the EU, the US, and the G77/China agreed to remove brackets from "human rights." In paragraph 305 (Platform and UN system), the G77/China replaced bracketed text with a call for the UN Agendas for Peace and Development to take account of the FWCW Platform. Benin said the UN General Assembly deferred a corresponding decision until the FWCW. The EU concurred.

Delegates engaged in a lengthy debate over paragraph 309 (post in office of the S-G). The EU proposed moving the concept to paragraph 327, which deals with action by the S-G, and proposed changing the text to invite the S-G to consider "designating" a high-level official in his office to advise on gender issues. Others agreed to move it, but many joined Benin's objection that it was too weak and preferred calling for the "creation" of the post. The US and Norway supported the EU proposal, with slight amendments. The EU stated that it would agree to call for the S-G to consider "establishing" the post, but Benin requested further informal consultations. In paragraph 310 (UN agency resources for Platform), the G77/China, supported by the EU, removed brackets from "resources and support."