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Sustainable Development Policy & Practice

Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF7)
“Urban Equity in Development – Cities for Life”

5-11 April 2014 | Medellín, Colombia

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Highlights for Thursday, 10 April 2014
A view of Medellín’s metro system near the WUF venue
WUF7 participants gathered for two parallel dialogue sessions on Thursday morning. The afternoon featured three roundtables, on Urban Researchers, Habitat Professionals and Universities, and one special session, From Medellín to the Regions of Antioquia, followed by a plenary on the parallel discussions.

In the dialogue on Innovative Financing Instruments for Local Authorities, panelists discussed possible avenues to mobilize resources for equitable and socially inclusive urban development. Participants spoke about, inter alia, how to design subsidies to promote urban equality and how to facilitate municipal access to capital markets.

In the Basic Services: Local Businesses for Equitable Cities dialogue, participants reflected on the roles of the public and private sectors in providing basic services to all segments of the population. They also shared experiences and ideas on financing options to ensure sustainable, affordable and equitable delivery of basic services.

Representatives of the architecture, planning, research, health and other sectors working on urban environments participated in the Habitat Professionals Forum roundtable, which convened to deliberate on a vision for the new urban agenda. Speakers advocated for, inter alia: making health an explicit objective of urbanization efforts; changing social and economic, along with urban, paradigms; considering collective and not only individual needs; empowering youth participation; and recognizing environmental and energy constraints in planning.

The roundtable on Universities Addressing Global Challenges explored the possible contributions of universities to addressing the challenges of sustainable urbanization. Participants discussed, among other things, the need for universities to translate academic theory into community practice and to become “closer partners” with cities.
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