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The World Summit on Sustainable Development

, South Africa | 26 August - 4 September 2002


Highlights from Thursday, 29 August 2002

Delegates to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) convened in a final Partnership Plenaries to address water and sanitation, and energy, and in the afternoon heard statements from non-State entities. An informal Ministerial consultation was convened in the morning to assess the status of negotiations and means for Ministerial involvement in the process. In the afternoon, the Vienna setting deliberated over outstanding text on sanitation, renewables and the Rio Principles.  Above photo (center): Minister of Norway in consultations with delegates


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Main Committee:
Vienna Setting:
During the evening session a heated debate arose over an EU request to forward outstanding issues to the ministers. However, after some discussions and a break, deliberations resumed into the night. At 2:15am amidst extreme exhaustion, delegates are debating whether to continue and forward the paragraphs on the precautionary approach to ministers.

Partnership Plenary:
Panel of Regional Implementations

said that regional groups help reduce duplication, give small countries a voice, protect shared ecosystems and attract financing.

spoke of the need for stable financing for developing countries, including agreements like the Kyoto protocol, debt relief , regional responsibility for attracting private capital and culturally-appropriate modern technology.
Statements by non-state entities:

Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, called for integration of human rights into the Millennium Development Goals and suggested drafting human rights guidelines for implementation of each goal. 

David Anderson, President of the UNEP Governing Council
, called for an increase in contributions to UNEP to support WSSD outcomes.

Gro H. Brundtland, Director General, World Health Organization
, announced a new WHO alliance to secure healthy environments for children.

Mark Moody  Stuart, Business Action for Sustainable Development
, stressed the need to include small and medium business sector in fora such as the WSSD, and supported development of international best practice standards to help judge the performance of international companies.

Mohamed El-Ashry, CEO and Chairman, Global Environment Facility
, announced receipt of pledges for the highest-ever replenishment and expansion of the GEF�s mandate to include desertification and POPs.

Amara Essy, Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union
noted that fundamental issues concerning health particularly  HIV/AIDS impedes on the development of the African continent.

Francesco Frangialli, Secretary-General, World Tourism Organization noted the important role tourism plays in job and wealth creation, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.
Thursday, 29 August 2002
as of 6:00pm (GMT+2)

The m
orning session of the Vienna setting was postponed as an informal Ministerial consultation met to hear a progress report on the negotiations and to address how further deliberations on the outstanding issues should proceed. There was general agreement that a two track process involving Ministerial involvement and the Vienna setting, although the modalities are still to be determined.
The contact group on institutional arrangements resumed its discussions in the afternoon, and the contact group on means of implementation is convening in the evening. Right photo (L-R): Delegates in a huddle; African delegates in consultation  before contact group discussions resume.  

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