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44th Session of the Commission on
the Status of Women (Beijing +5 PrepCom)
New York, 28 February - 17 March 2000

Highlights from Thursday, 9 March

PrepCom Working Groups Working Group II met in the afternoon to continue negotiation of actions and initiatives to overcome obstacles and achieve the full and accelerated implementation of the Platform for Action. Working Group I met in an evening session to begin discussions on achievements and obstacles in the implementation of the 12 areas of concern of the outcome document. Proposed outcome document (E/CN.6/2000/L.1/Rev.1).


In the Corridors: The pace of negotiations has picked up, although the present cruising speed might not produce clean text by the end of the PrepCom as delegates leave pieces of bracketed text behind to help negotiations find their way home to introductory paragraphs. In this context, some members of the groups are growing impatient at the trends of negotiations. However, delegates all agree on Chair Bhattacharjee's reminder that "in the UN, there can be no emerging consensus, just a merging of consensus."


Working Group II Chair Bhattacharjee, India (above right), and Working Group I Chair Kristen Mlacak, Canada (left)


(Click here for coverage of a side event panel discussion on women and mental health)


The EU consults during the evening session of Working Group I


Delegates discussing the text. Linda Tarr-Whelan, United States (right)

Panel on Women and Mental Health
This event was presented by the NGO Committee on Mental Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) and focused on the recognition of mental health as an emerging issue for women.
Dr. Benedetto Saraceno (left), WHO's Department of Mental Health in the Cluster of Social Change and Mental Health and Co-Chaired the panel discussion. Dr. Saraceno discussed the WHO's Program on Mental Health. 
Dr. Afaf Mahfouz, Conference of NGOs (CONGO) in Consultative Status with ECOSOC, discussed Gender Based Abuse and Discrimination: Arab Women's Perspective
Noerine Kaleeba, Ugandan Founder of the AIDS Support Organization (TASO) and Community Mobilization Adviser in UNAIDS, spoke on Women's Caregiving Roles: AIDS Care and Support

Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, Founder Trustee of SNEHA, a voluntary center for suicide prevention, addressed the issue Suicide in Women: Socio-cultural and Gender Issues in South Asia.

Nancy Wallace, NGO Committee on Mental Health, spoke on the Need for Advocacy and Action for Improving Women's Mental Health. She said women and mental health is no longer an emerging issue, but it has emerged.

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