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August 5th 1995

by Anne S. Walker


1. Visas: We who are NGOs are all very aware that we must have two letters in hand before a visa to China can be processed. These letters are: 1) Registration confirmation letter (RCL) from the NGO Forum Office in New York, and; 2) Hotel confirmation letter (HCL) from the China Organizing Committee (COC) in Beijing. Incidentally, these letters are requirements for NGOs only. Government officials need only a letter from their government, and media reps need a letter of accreditation from United Nations Dep artment of Public Information) (UN/DPI) All of this was outlned by the Mission of China to the UN at a special briefing at the UN on Thursday evening (August 3).

One new piece of information delivered at the briefing referred to those NGOs who do not have a Chinese Consulate/Embassy in their country. They can: 1) Apply to the nearest consul/embassy in their region (we knew that part) or; 2) Apply through the Consu l-General in New York (this was new information). For those who wish to have their visas processed in New York, we are faxing with this faxnet a copy of the Visa Application Form. Send the completed form to: Consulate-General of the P.R. of China, 520 12t h Avenue, New York, NY 10036, USA. Also include: 1. NGO Forum Registration letter: 2. Hotel Confirmation letter: 3. One passport size photo: 4. Passport: 5. $30: 6. Copy of your air ticket. We suggest that you keep a copy of everything you send, and tha t you use a registered courier service, with a request that it be returned to you, with visa, by the same method.

2. Registration Confirmation Letters (RCLs): There are still a number of Forum participants out there who do not yet have their RCLs. Any of these who have sent IWTC a copy of their registration application form, or a list of the people affected, with pro of that they did indeed apply before April 30, 1995 (because if you did not apply before that date, we unfortunately can't help), have had their case for a duplicate RCL, -or a search to locate the lost application-, presented to the Forum Office. Either the NGO Forum Office, or in some cases IWTC,have then express mailed the duplicate RCLs to the people concerned. To date, almost all of the RlostS registrations have been found. NOTE: A few people have been able to apply late by getting letters of assignment from a major media group (newspaper, TV, radio) and applying through UN/DPI. If anyone is interested in this route, let us know and we will fax you the media accreditation form).

3. Hotel Confirmation Letters (HCLs): People have been contacting IWTC with news that HCLs are arriving by Express Mail Service (EMS). A COC press release sent to IWTC by the UNDP Resident Representative in Beijing (we sincerely thank Mr Arthur Holcombe f or this) states: 1. The COC will send the Chinese Embassies/Consulates a list of registered NGO Forum participants who have been issued HCLs so that in the extreme cases where the participants do not receive their HCLs on time, the Chinese Embassies/Consulates can issue their visas. 2. The HCLs are all being sent through Express Mail Service at a cost to the Chinese of US$500,000. 3. The NGO Forum registered participants of the Peace Train which departs (departed) from Helsinki August 5 have been issued t heir visas in Helsinki. 4. The visas will be for a maximum period of 25 days. All HCLs will be sent out by August 10, 1995. At the UN briefing on Thursday night. the following names and numbers were given for people checking on Hotel Reservations at the COC in Beijing: Mr. Liu Baogui and Mr. Ma Jiangua. Tel: (86-10) 522-5363 or 522-5364 or 522-5365 or 522-1133 ext. 3006. Fax: (86-10) 522-5326 or 522-5329 or 238-5431 or 238-4294.