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August 10th 1995

by Anne S. Walker


1. Hotel Confirmation Letters (HCLs): People have continued to contact IWTC regarding the arrival (and non-arrival) of their hotel confirmation letters, and we have now got a fairly good idea of where we will all be staying. Initially, it seems that most people were being notified that they were staying at the Apartment Complexes at Huairou, designated as budget accommodation housing units at US$15 a day. The apartments at Huairou are newly built. They are 6 floors high and do not have elevators or air-co nditioning. This may pose problems for women who are elderly and/or disabled, and we have advised such individuals and groups to call the China Organizing Committee (COC) in Beijing to request a transfer from these units. The people to contact and the new numbers announced at the Mission of China to the UN briefing last week are as follows: Mr. Liu Baoqui and Mr Ma Jiangua. Tel: (86-10) 522-5363 or 522-5364 or 522-5365 or 522-1133, ext.3006. Fax: (86-10) 522-5326 or 522-5329 or 238-5431 or 238-4294.

The NGO Forum Office has informed IWTC that each unit (housing 5 women), has a kitchen, living room and bathroom. The apartments will be serviced by a Beijing hotel chain, and fresh linen will be provided every third day. They are situated close to where the highway to and from Beijing enters Huairou, about a 20 minute walk to the main Forum site. Shuttle buses will carry participants back and forth at regular intervals throughout the day.

HCLs have also been received for hotels in Huairou. Most of these hotels are training centres for corporations and government departments. Amongst groups that booked hotels in Beijing, one issue network with people from different regions has been divided up and moved from their group booking to several hotels.

2. Individuals and groups who will not be in Beijing. There are many people and groups who, for various reasons, will not be making it to Beijing. Some cannot go because of lack of funds. In one instance, it has been reported to IWTC that 5 Bahai Internat ional women from Malaysia were informed by the COC that there was not enough space for them. Other groups cannot go because they did not receive accreditation for the World Conference, or they are not permitted to travel to China on other than a China p assport (e.g. women from Tibet and Taiwan). Some individuals and groups are boycotting both the World Conference and the NGO Forum on Women because they are angered by human rights abuses.

In recognition of all these individuals and groups, it is suggested that we should all gather the names and photographs of individuals and groups within our own regions who planned to participate but will not be with us in Beijing, and have T-shirts made with the photo and name imprinted on the front. These would be worn in Beijing to give a visible presence to those who are absent.

3. Latest IWTC Publication on Beijing: Preview T95, #5 is now at the printer. This 12-page issue makes an excellent advance organizer for groups heading for Beijing. It contains a map of Huairou, a calendar of days, an idea of a typical day at the Forum, outlines of some activities with reminders of what to bring if you want to take part, and special sections on young people and women with disabilities. On the back page is a brief summary of important information from the NGO Forum Activity Information Ki t. To order in bulk, please contact IWTC immediately. For 3-9 copies, Preview T95 costs US$2.00 each. Copies become cheaper the more you order. For instance, 100 or more cost only US$0.50c each. It will be mailed to Beijing Package subscribers and to thos e already on The Tribune mailing list.