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FAO 19th Session of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Committee on Forestry
Rome | 16-20 March 2009
United Nations
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Monday, 16 March
Tuesday, 17 March
Wednesday, 18 March
Thursday, 19 March
Friday, 20 March
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COFO 19 Concludes Successfully

Above: COFO Chair Abigail Kimbell, US and fellow panelist Russ Taylor, International Markets Group, talked with participants before the morning event on economic turbulence.

On Friday, delegates gathered for the final day of the 19th session of the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) and World Forest Week at FAO headquarters in Rome.

The morning began with a World Forest Week special event on the impacts of economic turbulence on the forest sector. After this event, the COFO Secretary announced a recess to provide additional time for preparation of the report of the meeting.

Plenary convened at in the afternoon, chaired by COFO Vice-Chair Kubilay Ozyalcin of Turkey, and delegates discussed the draft report. On the summary of discussions on shaping an action programme for FAO in forestry, the Czech Republic, speaking on behalf of the EU, proposed to move text referring to fact that the process of priority-setting in FAO is work in progress into a paragraph on the FAO Strategy for Forests and Forestry. Many countries raised objections, with Ecuador pointing out that the Strategy for Forests and Forestry cannot be revised by the committee working on FAO reforms. Australia queried whether the EU's disagreement with the text referred to recommending the use of technical experts in the FAO's priority-setting process, which was not mentioned in either paragraph. The Czech Republic, for the EU, responded that he had reserved his overall position within the drafting group's discussions but ultimately withdrew the proposal so as not to block consensus on the report, and this was well received by the plenary.

Delegates adopted the report, and after brief closing statements Chair Ozyalcin declared the 19th session of COFO closed at 4:06pm.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of the 19th Session of the Committee on Forestry will be available from this site on Monday, 23 March 2009.

Friday, 20 March
COFO Closing Plenary

The closing plenary was chaired by COFO Vice-Chair Kubilay Ozyalcin of Turkey.

Mostafa Jafari, Iran.

Jato S. Sillah, the Gambia.

Mónica Martínez Menduiño, Ecuador.

Tomás Krejzar, Czech Republic for the EU.

Philip Townsend, Australia.

Abdul Razak Ayazi, Afghanistan.
World Forest Week Special Event

Impacts of Economic Turbulence on the Forest Sector
Around COFO

A panoramic view of Rome from FAO's rooftop terrace - click for a larger version.

IIED's Growing Forest Partnerships interviewed a participant.

The FAO library displayed historic forestry books.

The document center helped delegates stay on the same page.

Mexico's booth looked like home.
The COFO Giant Chair
The giant chair dominating the COFO/World Forest Week 2009 exhibition space was commissioned by Federlegno Arredo, an association of over 2300 Italian companies that produce furnishings from natural wood, and donated to the FAO Forestry Department for exhibition during COFO to promote the use of wood as a renewable resource.

The chair is constructed of 0.7 cubic meters of pine wood from Russian forests, measures 4.205 meters high, 2.153 meters wide and 1.873 meters deep, and weighs 560 kilograms. It seats four comfortably.

Your COFO 19 Earth Negotiations Bulletin team (L-R): Peter Wood, team leader, Canada; Dan Birchall, digital editor, United States; Graeme Auld, writer, Canada; Deborah Davenport, writer, United States.

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