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The Linkages Development Team

The Linkages WWW project is a unique experiment in international cooperation through the magic of the Internet. Although physically located in Canada, the US, France, Tunisia and, recently, Kenya and Egypt, the Linkages team members, using various flavors of e-mail, FTP, and late-night IRC chats have brought you this site in a truly virtual and collaborative work environment.

Linkages is the brainchild of Langston James "Kimo" Goree, VI , one of the founders and currently the Managing Editor of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Kimo is the content expert for Linkages and he coordinates work on the server from around the globe, while writing and editing the Earth Negotiations Bulletin at UN negotiations. He also coordinates the frequent updates on hot topics and the many links to other similar information resources around the world.

The overall hypertext, file design and system administration is provided by Jeff Zucker ,a systems analyst and Web Weaver at Columbia University. Jeff also converted the thousands of articles from past issues of Earth Negotiations Bulletin into HTML and provides the various scripts such as the context sensitive feedback buttons, the navigation panels and the search mechanisms.

The page design for many of the topic pages (Cairo, Forestry, Deserts, etc.) is by David Seymour, a student at the University of Manitoba. David designed both the graphics and the page layout for these areas and provides much needed on-site checking, writing and installation of HTML pages. During the conference phase of negotiations, he pastes in references and new materials so quickly that it is rumored that his keyboard actually smokes.

The French language translations of our pages are provided by Mongi Gadhoum, who is based in Tunis, Tunisia and has extensive experience in translating work. Vijay Sankar, Information Officer at IISD is responsible for in-house technical assistance and the overall coordination between the international policy work of Linkages and the other electronic information products at IISD. Nicolas Pioch , designer of the famed WebLouvre in Paris, and David Rose , computer coordinator for the University of Manitoba have provided advice and assistance in setting up Linkages. Andrei Henry was the geek behind the recent redesign and revamping of the French Archives. We have also received many tips via the Linkages feedback buttons and would like to thank our many readers from over 40 countries.