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ENB Retirees
Imran Habib Ahmad, Pakistan
Imran Habib Ahmad
Imran has extensive experience in the area of sustainable development and public policy in the Asia-Pacific region. He is a resource person in the area of global governance issues - climate change and multilateral environmental negotiations - with speaking opportunities at some of the leading international think tanks. A former lead Climate negotiator from Pakistan is now a doctoral scholar at the Australian National University.
Karen Alvarenga Windham-Bellord, Ph.D., Brazil
Karen Alvarenga Windham-Bellord, Ph.D.
Karen has a background in international environmental law, tax law and corporate law. Karen has experience in diverse sectors, including steel, mining, law firms, and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations. As CEO of Karen Alvarenga Consultoira e Advocacia (Karen Alvarenga Consultancy and Advocacy), Karen advises clients about a broad range of pertinent corporate, tax and environmental legislation, including but not limited to: the legal feasibility of new projects, advice on adherence to the Equator principles, the implementation of solar and wind power generation, and legal assistance in arbitration courts. Karen is also an instructor at Faculdade de Direito Milton Campos in the Environmental Law program.
Jacob Andersen, Denmark
Jacob Andersen
Jacob is a graduate in Biology from the University of Copenhagen, specialising in biodiversity conservation on Borneo. He has been the president of the Danish environmental NGO Nepenthes for a period of three years, and he has now got a job with WWF Denmark where he will be working on forest policy and illegal logging issues.
Stephanie Aktipis, Ph.D., US
Stephanie Aktipis
Stephanie received her Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University where she investigated the evolutionary relationships among a group of marine snails. She also holds a M.Sc. with honors in Biomedicine, Bioscience and Society from the London School of Economics where her research explored the effects of the Convention on Biological Diversity on primary biodiversity research and conservation efforts. Stephanie resides with her husband, Michael, and Siamese cat, Sushi, in Cambridge, MA where she serves as an academic advisor at Harvard College and Teaching Fellow in Environmental Politics.
Soledad Aguilar, LL.M., Argentina
Soledad Aguilar
Soledad Aguilar, LL.M. (London School of Economics, ’98), directs a Postgraduate programe in Climate Change Law and Economics at FLACSO University in Buenos Aires and works as a consultant and researcher on trade and environment issues related to multilateral environmental agreements and climate change for international organizations including FAO, IUCN, the World Bank and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). She has participated in more than fifty multilateral environmental negotiations, within the climate change, biodiversity and chemicals conventions, working for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin as writer and team leader, and previously as a negotiator and diplomat for the Argentine Government. She is also a regular contributor to the Yearbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford University Press).
Graeme Auld, Canada
Graeme Auld
Graeme is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. For nearly a decade he has studied the emergence and impacts of social and environmental certification initiatives in the forest sector. His dissertation compares these programs in the coffee, fishery and forest sectors. When not working, Graeme loves cooking with friends or hanging from rocks. He calls Vancouver, Canada home.
Changbo Bai, China
Changbo Bai
Changbo is a Canadian lawyer and has his own law practice in Vancouver, Canada. He has law degrees from both China and Canada. Before moving to Canada many years ago, he worked for Chinese government, including a central governmental agency in charge of environment and the Chinese Permanent Mission to the UN Environment Programme. Apart from his law practice, he frequently works as an independent consultant (environmental law and policy) for many organizations and teaches (international environmental law) at universities in China and Japan. Changbo is currently working for BP China in Beijing.
Andrew Baldwin, Ph.D., Canada
Andrew Baldwin, Ph.D.
Andrew currently holds a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography. Andrew’s research interests include the cultural politics and historical geographies of nature, postcolonial geography and environmental politics. Andrew started working for IISD since September 2001 but has taken a short hiatus to navigate the emotional geographies of fatherhood.
Tonya Barnes, US
Tonya Barnes
Tonya is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in Environmental Policy Studies, specializing in issues related to biodiversity, agriculture and community-based natural resource management. When not at home in the concrete canyons of Manhattan, she can often be found in a forest or on a mountaintop in some faraway place, contemplating the universe.
Ingrid Barnsley, Ph.D., Australia
Ingrid Barnsley, Ph.D.
Ingrid has a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Oxford, for which she researched the domestic implementation of international law agreements. She also has a Masters in International Relations from Oxford, for which she analyzed Australia and Canada’s positions in international climate change negotiations. Previously, she worked in the Climate Change, Clean Energy and Environmental Law Practice Group at Baker & McKenzie Lawyers, Sydney. Today, she lives in Paris where she works as an energy and environment analyst, and as an academic.
Paula Barrios, Colombia
Paula Barrios
Paula holds a Ph.D. in international environmental law and a master’s degree in international law from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Her doctoral dissertation conducted an in-depth analysis of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions and the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), focusing on how liberal economic ideas have shaped the framing of and responses to the chemicals issue in these global agreements. She currently leads the environmental program at the Shareholder Association for Research and Education, a Canadian non-profit dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially responsible investment. She has also worked as an attorney at law in the private sector, as a legal adviser for the International Affairs Office of Colombia’s Ministry of Environment, and as a freelance report writer for the United Nations Office at Nairobi. She is fluent in English and French.
Asmita Bhardwaj, India
Asmita Bhardwaj
Asmita is studying towards her Ph.D. in the International Studies in Planning program at Cornell University. She hopes to focus her research on the implementation of norms in the climate change convention in developing countries. She has previously worked on Joint Forest Management projects at the Tata Energy Research Institute, India, and held productive internships at the Office of Surface Mining (US), the Center for Science and Environment and Aurofuture (India). She has experience in planning for cities in India and Virginia through her graduate and undergraduate degrees in Urban Planning at Virginia Tech (US) and the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, India.
Daniel Birchall, US
Dan Birchall
Dan spent more than a decade on the ENB team as a Hawaii-based digital editor and sometime writer, flight coordinator and editor, while also studying astronomy and working at observatories. He now works in optics at a research laboratory.
Alice Bisiaux, France
Alice Bisiaux
Alice has a French and Anglo-American law degree from Nanterre University in Paris with a specialization in international law. She also holds a Masters in International Legal Studies from the New York University. Being a qualified lawyer in New York, England and Wales, Alice has worked in the Public International and Environmental law groups as an associate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in London. She was the content editor of IISD RS’ Climate Change Policy & Practice and the Water Policy & Practice Projects. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, where she teaches at ESADE University. She is also an associate for Natural Justice: Lawyers for Communities and the Environment, advising on the development of Natural Justice’s activities in Francophone Africa, particularly on REDD issues.
Emily Boyd, Ph.D., Sweden/United Kingdom
Emily Boyd, Ph.D.
Emily has a Ph.D. from the School of Development Studies, at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Her doctoral research focused on socio-economic aspects of forests and carbon sequestration projects in Bolivia and Brazil. Eight years of overseas experience includes fieldwork in Namibia, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe. Her area of speciality for ENB are LULUCF and the flexible mechanisms. She is currently employed as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, UEA, Norwich.
Robynne Boyd, US
Robynne Boyd
Robynne holds a masters in journalism from New York University, and was an Editor and Manager for IISD RS’s “Conference Reporting Service.” She can be found standing on her head in full lotus, strolling through a park, or exploring her new home - Atlanta, Georgia.
Andrew Brooke, Australia
Andrew Brooke
Andrew is an Australian who developed a taste for international work while living and working in Chile. He now has degrees in Law and Latin American history from the University of Western Australia, and speaks English and Spanish. Andrew worked for the Australian Government for some years on international multilateral issues relating to oceans and biodiversity, including in the CBD, UN and APEC systems. When not writing, Andrew is usually planning his next trip to a wild coast, a snowy mountain - or a restaurant.
Julia Buckner, US
Julia Buckner
Julia started working for ENB in July 2001 and she took the difficult responsibility of the Logistic Coordinator. She is attending Cornell University since the fall of 2002, studying International Relations. She also wants to work in the Army one day. She loves spending time with her friends, the beach, and eating sushi and drinking ice tea (not necessarily at the same time!).
Stas Burgiel, US
Stas Burgiel, Ph.D.
Having resolved the complexities of biosafety and intellectual property rights (at least within his own mind), Stas completed his Ph.D. at the American University in Washington, DC. After more than five years of writing for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Stas has moved on to a position as International Policy Analyst for Defenders of Wildlife, although he still edits the occasional ENB. In his free time, he takes pleasure in a crunchy-granola lifestyle of soy milk, yoga and subverting the dominant paradigm.
Leanne Burney, Canada
Leanne Burney
Leanne used to work at SEED at UNEP. She has recently had a baby so we will be expecting her soon for doing more ENBs!
Douglas Bushey, US
Douglas Bushey
Douglas is completing his Ph.D. in Energy and Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. His research in the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) focuses on science advising and the structure of expert bodies in international agreements. He has written extensively on advising processes in the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the Clean Development Mechanism. Before beginning his Ph.D., Douglas designed wind-powered rural electrification systems in Eritrea. In his free time, Douglas enjoys backpacking and fly-fishing in the Sierra Nevada, playing disc golf, and relaxing with his wife, Sikina.
Vivian Kobusingye Birchall, Uganda/US
Vivian Kobusingye Birchall
Vivian holds a degree in Development Studies from Makerere University and a graduate certificate in Good Governance from the University of Pretoria. She served as Uganda’s country coordinator for the African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption, and worked for Uganda’s National Planning Authority on the African Union’s NEPAD programs, including the African Peer Review Mechanism, as well as Uganda’s National Development Plan. She currently volunteers with the Hawaii County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. She enjoys parenting, travel, decorating, cooking Ugandan dishes and karaoke and speaks English and many languages from the East African region.
Richard Campbell, New Zealand
Richard Campbell
Richard works in Wellington, New Zealand as a corporate communications consultant. He holds qualifications to Masters level in law, journalism and international relations. Richard's mission is to know a little about most things and not terribly much about any one thing. He loves food, coffee, beer, wine, books, writing, travel and conversation.
Rachel Carrell, New Zealand
Rachel Carrell
Rachel comes from a farming town on the south coast of New Zealand's South Island. Rachel studied political science and linguistics at the University of Otago. She has a Masters and a Doctorate in Development Studies. Rachel's research interests include Latin American political economy, international trade, and indebtedness. Rachel is working at the moment fulltime for McKinsey. She loves fried chicken and karaoke and dreams of being much more athletic than she is.
Chad Carpenter, US
Chad Carpenter
After five years working on the ENB team, editing the Linkages WWW site and editing /journal/, he moved on to more climate-centric pursuits at IISD. Chad left IISD to join the UNFCCC Secretariat as “COP Focal Point” for planning the negotiating sessions within the Office of Intergovernmental and Conference Affairs.
Suzanne Carter, South Africa
Suzanne Carter
Suzanne holds a doctorate in Environmental and Geographical Science from the University of Cape Town, where she explored statistical techniques to reduce uncertainty in Global Climate Models over southern Africa. Her current interests are climate policy and the climate negotiations under the UNFCCC and IPCC. She is currently working for the British Consulate in Cape Town as a climate change policy officer.
Claudio Chiarolla, Ph.D., Italy
Claudio Chiarolla
Since October 2007, Claudio worked for IISD as a writer and editor of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Claudio is currently Research Fellow on International Governance of Biodiversity at the Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales (IDDRI), an independent, not-for profit think-tank based at Sciences Po in Paris. His research interests include: international environmental law, comparative law, international regulation of biotechnology, intellectual property law, open source systems of technology development and transfer, humanitarian licensing and genetic resources policy issues.
Xenya Cherny Scanlon, Russia
Xenya Cherny Scanlon
Born and raised in Moscow, Xenya is now enjoying the sunny side of life in Nairobi, Kenya. Her background is in international relations and communications, and she holds a Master’s Degree from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. Xenya has worked for a range of environmental organizations in Russia, Switzerland, Australia and Kenya, including WWF, IUCN, Clean Up the World, and most recently UNEP. She has also tried her hand at journalism, reporting on environmental issues for global news agencies and small scientific magazines alike. She is fluent in Russian, English, French and Serbo-Croatian, with some conversational Spanish and Italian. Xenya enjoys strenuous intellectual and mild physical exercise, and has a soft spot for shoes.
Angela Churie, Kenya
Angela Churie
Angela is working on her doctoral studies at the Royal Institute of Technology. She covered Climate and Desertification issues.
Lewis Clifton, Falkland Islands
Lewis Clifton
Lewis is currently in ENB retirement while he finishes his Ph.D. dissertation at City College in London. Lewis has worked on the Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks Conference, also the subject of his dissertation. He is looking forward to returning to his home in the Falkland Islands.
Valerie Colas, France
Valerie Colas
Valerie is a is a graduate of Columbia and Brown Universities.
Elisabeth Corell, Ph.D., Sweden
Elisabeth Corell, Ph.D.
After finishing a two-year post-doc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Elisabeth returned to Sweden, where she works as a Wallenberg Fellow in Environment and Sustainability at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm. She continues her research in the field of international decision-making for sustainable development. Working for the ENB, Elisabeth covered the negotiations of the Convention to Combat Desertification and a UNEP Governing Council.
Alexandra Conliffe, Ph.D., Canada/United Kingdom
Alexandra Conliffe, Ph.D.
Alex holds a doctorate in Geography from the University of Oxford, where she examined the impacts of political and environmental change on agricultural communities in Uzbekistan. She completed an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford in 2005, focusing on watershed management in Iran, and a B.Eng. at McGill University in 2004. Currently, Alex is a Visiting Research Associate at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include the appropriateness of dominant approaches to climate change adaptation in post-Soviet contexts and the role of regime linking in improving the effectiveness of multilateral environmental agreements.
Alexis Conrad, Canada
Alexis Conrad
After a couple of years enjoying the sun in Senegal, Alexis has recently returned to Ottawa, Canada, and is trying his hardest to live a sustainable life--in every sense of the word! When not busy on the family or work fronts, he can often be found running along Ottawa's spectacular pathways while dreaming of a return to more active ENB service.
Joanna Dafoe, Canada
Joanna Dafoe
Joanna received her BA in Peace and Conflict studies and Environmental Policy from the University of Toronto, where she focused her research on the role of non-state actors in the UNFCCC process. She has contributed her research on civil society influence to the Yale/UNITAR conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy and was a member of the Canadian Government Delegation to the 16th and 17th United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development as an NGO delegate. Joanna was the 2011 Pimlott Lecturer at the University of Toronto and continues to showcase creative perspectives on climate policy through her correspondence on CIUT 89.5 The Green Majority. Joanna is pleased to be joining the ENB reporting and IISD Knowledge Management Projects team.
Michael Davis, United Kingdom/Australia
Michael Davis
Michael originally comes from England but has lived in Australia most of his life. With A background in history and anthropology, Michael works on policy development in indigenous biodiversity, traditional knowledge and cultural heritage. He spent several years with Australia's peak indigenous organization and now works as a consultant and writer when not doing ENBs. Michael is currently writing a book, and likes good coffee.
Erik Davies, Canada
Erik Davies
Erik Davies was the Director of Reporting Services and directed all activities related to the publication of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. In this capacity, he oversaw our team of reporters, photographers, and videographers from around the globe as we worked to bring transparency and accountability to sustainable development policy making processes. Erik has worked globally on sustainability issues in a career has spanned management consulting to policy work for the United Nations. He has a proven track record of engaging business, not for profits and governments to forge innovative partnerships. His background in communications and capacity and partnership building was critical as IISD moved to the next chapter of its work to enhance capacity to engage in global environmental decision-making processes and to foster accountability in the implementation of the negotiated agreements.
Charlotte de Fontaubert, Ph.D., France
Charlotte de Fontaubert, Ph.D.
Pictured with fellow PIC team members Jonathan Krueger, Stas Burgiel, and Daniela Pizzuto.
Marianne DePape, Canada
Marianne DePape
Marianne is a recent graduate from the University of Winnipeg and she was the Operations Assistant for Reporting Services. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Administration. Her main field of interest is Human Resource Management, and she is currently pursuing a Human Resource Management Certificate at the University of Manitoba. Marianne has worked in a number of different cities across Canada including Whitehorse, Montreal and Quebec City. She has also worked overseas in France.
Joanna Depledge, Ph.D., France/U.K
Joanna Depledge, Ph.D.
Joanna used to work at the UNFCCC Secretariat. She has recently finished her Ph.D. at University College London and is currently co-authoring a book on the climate change regime.
Radoslav Dimitrov, Ph.D., Bulgaria
Radoslav Dimitrov, Ph.D.
Rado is an Assistant professor of International Relations at the University of Western Ontario. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A. in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame. His religion centers around his daughter, mountains, ice-cream, Tai Chi and martial arts. Rado's academic work on global environmental poltics, forestry and coral reefs issues, and environmental security is published in International Studies Quarterly, the Journal of Environment and Development, the International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, and Society and Natural Resources.
Susan Edwards, US
Susan Edwards
Susan has joined the ENB Team in 2010 as a Logistics Coordinator. She lives in a small town in North Carolina aka the “furniture capital of the world” where she developed a design firm serving furniture manufacturers and importers from a variety of countries specializing in the design and management of their showrooms. In this capacity she became experienced in supporting and coordinating teams at work in deadline oriented, high-pressure situations. She comes from a flying family and her first job was as a flight attendant. Travelling the world has been an ongoing and gratifying interest over the years. She is a snow skier, an inline skater, a reader, and new sudoku fan.
Glen Ewers, Australia
Glen Ewers
Glen joined the ENB team following several years with the Australian Government as a negotiator on CMS, CITES and marine protected areas. He is completing his Masters in International Relations to compliment previous studies in Environmental Science and Public Administration. Glen also enjoys bushwalking, football, yoga and sharing a good meal with mates.
David Fernau, South Africa / Sweden
David Fernau
David is a veteran of digital editing, having started his ENB experience at COP-6 in 1998. A multimedia producer and consultant, he has worked for a number of organizations including the Stockholm Environment Institute. Philosophy, Art and the Internet occupy much of David’s time, and he is currently completing a Masters in Internet System Development at the University of Portsmouth (UK).
Brandy Filtzer, US
Brandy Filtzer
Brandy joined the ENB Team as the 2002 Logistics Coordinator. She lives on the North Shore of Kauai. She loves surfing when she is at home and is planning on attending a university outside of the States.
Lauren Flejzor, US
Lauren Flejzor, Ph.D.
Lauren worked most recently in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, and was a U.S. delegate to numerous international climate change negotiations. She has a Ph.D. from the Development Studies Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently, she is working for the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) Secretariat, in Yokohama.
Olivia Freeman, US
Olivia Freeman
Olivia is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in resource management and sustainable development. Currently, she is a Research Fellow with the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins and the Environmental Services Science Domain at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), based in Nairobi, Kenya. In this position she engages in policy-relevant, action research spanning a range of topics including, looking for synergies between mitigation and adaptation in agriculture- and forest-based landscape mosaics, identifying low-emission development pathways and addressing drivers of deforestation by taking a landscape approach. A native to the Pacific Northwest, she holds an M.Sc. from the University of British Columbia in Resource Management and Environmental Studies. She enjoys travelling, adventures and outdoor pursuits, and is currently learning an obscure Kenyan instrument.
Ian Fry, Australia
Ian Fry
Ian is either a) the distinguished delegate from Tuvalu; b) the irrepressible representative of Greenpeace; c) the director of Pacific Bioweb; d) writer and editor for the ENB, or e) the confused all of the above. Only the bow tie remains constant.
Renata Foltran, Brazil
Renata Foltran
Renata is an Environmental Engineer from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. She's interested in meteorology and her new goal is to learn French. She joined the ENB team to do the challenging work of the Logistics Coordinator. She speaks Portuguese, Italian and English. If Renata is not in Curitiba, where she's based, one can find her exploring a new place somewhere over the World!
Derick Gabone, South Africa
Derick Gabone
Derick is currently enrolled in an MPA program at the University of the Western Cape. He has done research on environmental economics, the role of civil society in relation to the WTO, and is currently focusing on the contribution of energy-efficient policies to sustainable energy development in developing countries.
Marlene Grundstrom, United Kingdom
Marlene Grundstrom
Marlene Grundström holds a LL.M. in International Law from University of Kent and a Magister Degree in Political Science from the University of Göteborg. Since 2007, Marlene has worked on EU and international climate and development policy in multiple roles, including as an advisor in the European Parliament Climate and Development Committees, as a Foreign Policy Coordinator in the Swedish Prime Minister’s Office, and as an advisor to European development NGO network Aprodev on international climate change policy/UNFCCC negotiations. Most recently, was Director of the GLOBE International Forest Legislation Initiative, managing capacity building programs for national parliamentarians on REDD+ and forest legislation in tropical forest countries. Marlene is currently based in London as an independent consultant, managing an international climate policy project for the Earth League (a network of 17 climate reseach institutions including the Potsdam Institute on Climate Impact Research, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Earth Institute at Columbia University) and doing REDD+-related consultancy work for Transparency International, FORES and Swedish companies.
John R. Gagain Jr., Dominican Republic
John R. Gagain Jr.
John lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic serving as the Executive Vice-President of the United Nations Association of the Dominican Republic (UNA-DR). John is also conducting research for his thesis on the relationship between corruption, good governance, and development..
Catherine Ganzleben, D.Phil., United Kingdom
Catherine Ganzleben, D.Phil.
Cathy has worked for a variety of organizations involved in international and European work on the environment. Most recently, she has been working with the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) in Brussels. Prior to that, she was a fellow of UNITAR's Programme on Chemicals and Wastes Management in Geneva. She completed a post doctorate at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University in Tokyo, where her research project focused on urban water metabolism and application of the ecosystem approach. She received her Doctorate in economic geography from the University of Oxford, having investigated the synergies between environmental law and technical change in the control of industrial pollution. She holds a Masters in Conservation Biology and a degree in Biological Sciences. Cathy also worked on transport emissions at DG Enterprise of the European Commission, and has done consultancy work for the British Council on bilateral relations between the UK and Germany. She first worked as a writer and team leader on the Earth Negotiations Bulletin from 2000-2005, and rejoined the team again in 2008 after a three-year hiatus.
Emily Gardner, US
Emily Gardner
Emily holds a masters degree in zoology, and a law degree with certificates of specialization in environmental law and ocean policy. She currently works as an attorney in Honolulu and serves as an adjunct professor to the University of Hawaii School of Law and Department of Oceanography.
Tamilla Gaynutdinova, Uzbekistan
Tamilla Gaynutdinova
Tamilla did her Master studies in Environmental Policy and Management at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Sweden. She worked as a researcher for the IIIEE, and later consulted for UNEP DTIE in Paris on a project"Preventative Strategies in Multilateral Environmental Agreements."
Johannes Gnann , Germany
Johannes Gnann
Johannes is currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of Tübingen, investigating how the Convention on Biological Diversity has shaped bargaining dynamics in the negotiations of the Nagoya Protocol. Acquiring degrees in Germany, Ireland and Spain, his studies focussed on global environmental governance under the Rio Conventions. He has worked as a writer/editor for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin since 2009. Following a landmark victory of the Green Party in 2011, Johannes supported the ecological transformation of his highly industrialised native region as an employee in the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg.
Vanessa Goad, United Kingdom
Vanessa Goad
Vanessa is a qualified lawyer in the UK. Since 1997 Vanessa has been living in Amsterdam where she worked for Greenpeace International for several years. Most recently Vanessa has worked as a web editor for the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and currently for the Shark Alliance. She loves walking in all places mountainous, photography, meditation, writing poetry and opera librettos.
Langston James “Kimo” Goree VI, US
Langston James “Kimo” Goree VI
Kimo was the Vice-President of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), United Nations Liaison, Director of IISD Reporting Services and a founder of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB). He was responsible for the fundraising and overall coordination of the ENB, Linkages Update, the Linkages website, moderator of the IISD “L” lists (including CLIMATE-L) and all of IISD knowledge management products. Kimo was born in Hawaii and raised in Berkeley, California. From 1971 through 1988 he was an actor in films, television and radio (SAG/AFTRA), a stand-up comedian and professional clown while accumulating university degrees. In 1988 he moved to Brazil to work for UNDP in Brasília and later as the Director of IPHAE, an applied research institute in Porto Velho, Rondonia. He has lived in mid-town Manhattan since 1994 with Pamela Chasek and their two sons, Sam and Kai. Kimo is a former marathon runner (2:48) and now rides a Pinarello Dogma 60.1 road bike about 300 km a week in the rural areas of the Upper Hudson River Valley, north of Manhattan. When not on his bicycle, he can be found in his lounge-chair computer with multiple monitors and a fast internet connection. His personal website is
Anders Gonçalves da Silva, Brazil/Australia
Anders Gonçalves da Silva, Ph.D.
Anders was born in Switzerland, from Brazilian and Australian parents. He spent most of his childhood in Brazil, with short periods of time spend in Australia. He has a degree in Biology from the State University of Campinas, in Brazil, and has a Ph.D. from Columbia University. He is primarily interested in the effects of space on the distribution of genetic variation in mammalian species, and how this information can be used to better conserve these species and their landscapes. Beyond this, he has worked as a coordinator for the Genetics Committee of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group and is training to be one of the population modelers for the Brazil Network of the IUCN/SSC Conservation and Breeding Specialist Group. He also has an inordinate fondness for tapirs.
Sandra Gagnon, Ph.D., Canada
Sandra Gagnon, Ph.D.
Sandra has completed her PhD at the Graduateon environmental governance and conservation policies, with a focus on the participation of indigenous communities in natural resources governance. She has worked on global conservation policy at IUCN and on the social impacts of environmental conventions and conservation policies at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (her Master thesis addressed CITES relation to sustainable development and livelihoods). She also has expertise in the biological control of crop and forest pests (she holds a Master of biology/entomology on that issue), as well as in organic agriculture development and evaluation. Native from Québec, she’s currently living in North Argentina, where she enjoys running and trekking along impressive Andean landscapes and mountain forests.
Aarti Gupta, Ph.D., India
Aarti Gupta, Ph.D.
Aarti covered multilateral negotiations relating to biodiversity, access to genetic resources, food security and biosafety for ENB from 1996 - 2000. She received a PhD from Yale University in Environmental Studies in 2001, and has done pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research at Harvard and Columbia on North-South (bio)technology divides. She has also consulted for UNDP, GTZ and FAO on global forest policy issues. Until recently, she was the founding Coordinator of the Forest Integrity Network, a network to combat corruption in the forest sector, hosted by the Berlin-based NGO Transparency International. She currently lives in the Netherlands, where she is working on a MacArthur Foundation Research and Writing Grant on global and national biotechnology governance.
Zèna-Gabrielle Hailu, USA / Ethiopia
Zèna-Gabrielle Hailu
“Gaby” worked as the IISD Reporting Services Project Assistant during the first half of 2000. She has a BS in Linguistics and French Literature from Georgetown and speaks French, English, Spanish and a smattering of Sanskrit, Norwegian and Amharic.
Leonie Gordon, United Kingdom
Leonie Gordon
Leonie Gordon was Senior Manager for Conference Reporting, IISD’s Reporting Services division. On joining IISD in 2005, Leonie participated as one of IISD RS’ writer/team leaders, focusing on biodiversity issues, in particular CITES and CMS. In 2009, she took on managing IISD RS’ for hire conference reporting services and, in 2012, moved to her role managing Conference Reporting as a whole. Prior to joining IISD, Leonie initially qualified as a Solicitor in England and worked as a media lawyer in London and Brussels. Pursuing her passion for wildlife conservation she undertook voluntary work on a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya in the late 1990s alongside starting her own documentary film company with a focus on environmental and development issues. She undertook a Masters in Anthropology of International Development at the University of Sussex in 2004 and has on-going doctoral research in Anthropology, focusing on organisational development of UN-GRASP – a public private partnership focused on great ape conservation.
Jonathon Hanks, LL.M., South Africa
Jonathon Hanks, LL.M.
Jonathon is a “corporate sustainability consultant” (?) in Cape Town, South Africa. When he is not consulting or lecturing law students and MBA's at the Universities of Cape Town and Wits, he's either out flying his microlight / hang-glider, or off hiking up in the local Cape mountains. Prior to joining Common Ground Consulting, he suffered two long winters in southern Sweden as a researcher and lecturer at Lund University. He has an LLM from the London School of Economics, and no regrets in leaving a potential PhD (and Sweden's anachronistic Systembolaget) to pursue other interests.
Caroline Wambui Hanya Kenya
Caroline Wambui Hanya
Caroline was born and raised in Kenya. She studied economics and statistics and hold an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Nairobi. She enjoys reading books. She is currently making arrangements to start my masters in project management. She would love to go sky diving and bungee jumping.
Andrei Henry, Canada
Andrei Henry
After over four years as the ENB’s lead geek and one previously failed attempt at retirement, Andrei left the ENB in September of 2002 to return to the less demanding world of academia. He will be pursuing a joint degree programme at Boston University, working towards and MBA and a Masters in information systems.
Laura Ivers, US
Laura Ivers
Laura started work with ENB in 1996 as an intern while completing her Masters in International Affairs at Columbia University. Subsequently, she wrote and often acted as team leader for the ENB at more than 30 negotiations. Laura now works as a communications and information management specialist at the Programme on Forests (PROFOR) at the World Bank and splits her time between New York City, Washington DC and her new home in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Wendy Jackson, Canada
Wendy Jackson
Wendy has moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to work with Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies as a Research Associate.
Anja Jänz, Germany
Anja Jänz
Anja has recently finished her Masters at Cambridge University and an internship at the Framework Convention on Climate Change. She worked on our coverage of the CBD Subsidiary Body meeting in September 1996, worked for several months for the CBD Secretariat and has recently worked on the ENB team at the FCCC Subsidiary Body meetings during December 1996. She is currently working at UNEP in Geneva on trade issues.
Sikina Jinnah, Ph.D., US/Canada
Sikina Jinnah
Sikina is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at American University’s the School of International Service in Washington DC. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies, and holds a doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in International Environmental Politics. She also holds an M.S. from the University of Montana in Environmental Studies and a BA from U.C. Berkeley in Environmental Science. Her current research interests include the role secretariats in the politics of inter-regime cooperation, the role of developing countries in WTO sustainable development negotiations and, strategic linkages between climate change politics and other areas of international relations.
Twig Johnson, Ph.D., US
Twig Johnson
Twig received his Ph.D. in ecological anthropology from Columbia University. He has participated in many international negotiations as a member of US, UN or NGO delegations. Government experience includes: the US Agency for International Development as Director of the Office of Environment and Natural Resources, Chief of the Policy Studies Division and of the UN Division; Peace Corps/Brazil as Volunteer and as Country Director. United Nations experience includes UNICEF as Chief of Evaluation and Planning. NGO experience includes: Center for Field Research, Earthwatch; WWF as Regional Director for Latin America; and, the Policy and Global Affairs Division of the National Academy of Science. He has also been a member of the International Advisory Group of the Pilot Program for the Amazon (Brazil, G-7, and World Bank). Recently sworn in as Assistant Harbor Master and Deputy Shellfish Constable of Kingston, Massachusetts, he likes to spend quality time with people he cares about, ideally on or next to the sea.
Sarah Stewart Johnson, Ph.D., USA
Sarah Stewart Johnson, Ph.D.
Sarah is currently a Junior Fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows. In 2008, she earned a Ph.D. from the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, where her dissertation focused on the evolution of the early Martian atmosphere. In addition, she holds a degree from Washington University in St. Louis and two degrees from Oxford. She's done environmental fieldwork in Costa Rica and Madagascar and planetary science/biology research in Western Australia, Antarctica and at the summit of Mauna Kea. She loves exploring new places, reading old books and contemplating prospects for life in our solar system.
Jonelle Jones Trinidad and Tobago
Jonelle Jones
Jonelle René Jones works on various aspects of environmental management for a range of organisations and agencies at the national, regional and international levels. She has a European Joint Masters in Water and Coastal Management that was offered by several European Universities as well as professional-level certifications in technical areas related to water quality and chemicals and waste management. Jonelle previously worked at the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Caribbean Region (BCRC-Caribbean), where she was the lead technical personnel for the development and roll-out of it's regional technical assistance programme in support of country implementation of and compliance with the Basel Convention and other MEAs of the chemicals and waste focal area (i.e. the Rotterdam, Stockholm and Minamata Conventions.
Juliet Jones, US
Juliet Jones
Born and raised on the “Garden Island” of Kauai, Juliet has graduated from High School on June 2003. She has joined us to take the difficult task of the logistics coordinator. Having enjoyed her school years, Juliet has aspirations for college in her near future. She is a lover of the outdoors and spends her free moments running, surfing, swimming, and playing with children.
Holly Kaufman, US
Holly Kaufman
Holly heads the consulting company she founded, Environment & Enterprise Strategies, which designs and manages projects that integrate business, human and environmental needs. She is a former U.S. delegate to the UN climate change treaty negotiations in the Clinton administration. Before her diplomatic days she led community development projects or conducted research in various parts of the world and taught ecological land management. Her Master’s is from Harvard where she had a fellowship to study international environmental policy, and she has a Bachelor of Science in Conservation of Natural Resources from the University of California at Berkeley. Her current research focuses on how to work in Washington and other far-flung capitals by day and be home in San Francisco at night.
Hal Kane, US
Hal Kane
Hal has consulted and written for dozens of sustainable development NGOs and foundations, beginning a long time ago by publishing an 80-page summary of the Brundtland Report. He co-launched the annual Vital Signs book (W.W. Norton & Co.) at the Worldwatch Institute, and has published a handful of other books and many articles about sustainable development, hunger, refugee issues, and environmental economics, and spoken often on the radio, TV, and at universities and conferences around the world. He loves hiking in the hills around San Francisco, where he lives.
Kaori Kawarabayashi, Japan
Kaori Kawarabayashi
Kaori is a Japanese citizen and grew up in France, Japan, Switzerland and the US. She holds Masters degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Her professional experience includes working with the UNDP, government and NGOs on environmental issues, microfinance, small business development and digital divide projects. She also has private sector experience as an investment banker. Kaori has visited 86 countries and studied and/or worked in North and South America, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, South and East Asia and four years in Africa. She speaks English, Japanese, French, Spanish, two West African languages and has been studying Arabic.
Fiona Koza, Canada
Fiona Koza
Fiona graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University in Sweden. For several years, she has been working for environmental NGOs in the Philippines, Australia and India. She now works for Amnesty International in Canada.
Resson Kantai, Kenya
Resson Kantai
Resson is a Kenyan with a Master’s Degree in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at Oxford University where she focused on community conservation, human wildlife conflict and mobilizing for sustainable change. She also holds an undergraduate (honours) degree from the University of Nairobi. She works for Save the Elephants as the Projects Officer overseeing programmes in Samburu. She is also their liaison person for the Kenya Elephant Forum which also feeds into CITES and biodiversity meetings with ENB. When she is not immersed in work related challenges, she enjoys driving in the bush, writing and spending time with friends.
Jonathan Krueger, Ph.D., Canada
Jonathan Krueger, Ph.D.
Jonathan Krueger finished his Post-doc with the Global Environmental Assessment Project at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and moved to Geneva to work for UNITAR. He will always be recognized as “Swiss Tony”.
Marsel Kuzyakov, Russia
Marsel Kuzyakov
After working in logistics in private sector, and completing his masters degree in economics and management, Marsel has been employed as conference coordinator for the Ramsar COP9 (November 2005, Kampala), working with the Ramsar secretariat and the host country, service providers, partners and local authorities, and making sure all ran as smoothly as possible. His satisfaction comes from making a smooth environment for the team to work in. He enjoys, on rare occasions, being on the beach, and tries to update his collection of souvenir cow memorabilia from all travel destinations.
Khemaros “Pui” Kuhasantisuk, Thailand
Khemaros “Pui” Kuhasantisuk
Pui was born and raised in Bangkok. She received a bachelor degree in education in 1986 and taught outside of Bangkok for 7 years. After returning to Bangkok, she worked as a cashier at the Landmark Hotel for a year, received a tourist guide certificate in 1990 and worked as an English language tourist guide for several years. Her previous job was an executive secretary for the managing director of ChevronTexaco in Thailand in 2000. She has since been traveling and freelancing as a Thai-English instructor and interpreter. She enjoys traveling, learning, and speaking many languages. In addition to Thai, she speaks English and some German and Chinese. She is currently studying horoscope and Feng Shui (the Chinese balance energy).
Aaron Leopold, US
Aaron Leopold
Aaron is a Team Leader and the Energy Content Editor for IISD RS's multiple Sustainable Policy & Practice websites. He writes and lectures on renewable energy, energy access and energy poverty issues and is also co-founder and Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at the Global Governance Institute, an independent Brussels-based think tank devising, strengthening and furthering forward-looking approaches to global governance. Aaron holds a masters degree in Global Political Economy from the University of Kassel in Germany. When not busy with the ENB or reading and writing about renewable energy, he enjoys: rock climbing; photography; cycling; playing the blues; jogging in inclement weather; sleeping under the stars; and the smell of woodsmoke on sweaters.
Pak Sum Low, Ph.D., Malaysia
Pak Sum Low
Pak hails from Malaysia where he has had a distinguished career in environmental policy. Most recently he was Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Energy Resources Section, Environment and Sustainable Development Division, UNESCAP in Bangkok. Throughout his illustrious career he has worked on issues including climate change, desertification and ozone depletion.
Maria Larsson Ortino, Sweden
Maria Larsson Ortino
Maria has an LLB from Queen Mary, University of London and a DEA from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva (plus a degree from University of Florence - a side trip into tourism and economy!). In her two dissertations she concentrated on compliance mechanisms and framework conventions. She has interned with the UNFCCC Secretariat where she focused on compliance mechanisms. She worked with the WHO during the negotiations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. She enjoys eating, yoga and meeting friends.
Katell Le Goulven, Ph.D., France
Katell Le Goulven, Ph.D.
Katell has a PhD in Agricultural/Development Economics and her main field of interest are biodiversity and biosafety environmental negotiations. She is now working as a policy analyst at the Office of Development Studies at UNDP.
Kelly Levin, US
Kelly Levin
Kelly is a doctoral candidate at Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is dedicating her research to enhancing the policy response to the problem of climate impacts to biodiversity. Kelly is examining the current disconnect between scientific knowledge and adaptation policies in an effort to recommend prescriptions to advance biodiversity conservation in a changing climate. Prior to returning to Yale for her PhD, Kelly was a climate policy/technical analyst at a non-profit in Boston, Massachusetts where she devoted her time to developing a regional greenhouse gas registry. Kelly holds a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Yale College and Master of Environmental Management from Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Kelly was born and raised in Manhattan, and has a not-so-secret obsession with owls.
Michael Lisowski, Canada
Michael Lisowski
Michael is working on a Ph.D. in International Relations at the University of Cambridge. He has completed a Master's in International Relations at Cambridge and one in Economics at the University of Toronto. His work experience includes stints at UNEP and the government of Ontario. His spare time is spent playing basketball and lifting weights.
Dagmar Lohan, D.Phil., Germany/Czech Republic
Dagmar Lohan, D.Phil.
Dagmar works for the GTZ in Tunis, where she advises the Ministry of Environment on environmental law. She holds a D.Phil. in international environmental law from Oxford University.
Hernán López, LL.M., Argentina
Hernán López, LL.M.
Hernán is an environmental lawyer and finished his LL.M. at Pace University in New York a few years ago. Although he misses "Mi Buenos Aires Querido" he adopted the city that never sleeps as his second home. After eleven years in law, he went back to graduate school to study Economic Policy Management at Columbia University.
Victoria Mark, Canada
Victoria Mark
Victoria was the Project Accountant for IISD RS. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Red River College and plans on pursuing her CGA designation. Victoria has worked in the Accounting field for 11 years and prior to that worked in the banking industry for another 5 years. Victoria is currently studying French alongside her husband Sean Mark.
Jenny Mandel, US
Jenny Mandel
Jenny started doing ENB’s as a Digital Editor, she is making the transition from web development to sustainable development. She is the never ending collector of conference bags.
Diana Movius, US
Diana Movius
Diana has worked on UNFCCC-related issues since 2007 and on tropical forest issues since 2004. She specializes in international climate frameworks, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in developing countries, and international elements of U.S. and state climate policy. Diana has worked for the World Bank, the United Nations Forum on Forests, the Center for Clean Air Policy and the Union of Concerned Scientists. Diana holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University in Anthropology. Beyond the environmental area, she also performs and choreographs ballet professionally in the Washington, DC area.
Ivy Marvin, US
Ivy Marvin
Ivy was born and raised on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. For the past year she has been traveling the world performing the lovely tasks as the logistics coordinator. She enjoys surfing, scuba diving and anything to do with the ocean. This fall she plans to return back to school to pursue her goals in the entertainment industry.
Désirée McGraw, Canada
Désirée McGraw
Dez worked on the ENB from 1993-1997, covering meetings on Biodiversity. She recently completed her doctoral dissertation on the CBD at London School of Economics.
William McPherson, Ph.D., US
William McPherson
William is retired from the State Department after 21 years service in environmental diplomacy. His Ph.D. in sociology is from Harvard University. His assignments in Tokyo, Geneva and Washington involved work with Japanese and international environmental organizations, particularly UN Environment Program agencies such as CITES, Basel, Chemicals and the Montreal Protocol. Also in Geneva, he worked with the World Meteorological Organization and the secretariat of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Before entering the State Department, he taught sociology at several colleges and universities.
Nabiha Megateli, Algeria/US
Nabiha Megateli
Nabiha worked for ENB from 1996 to 2000. She has an MA in Anthropology and History from the University of Michigan and a MS in Tropical Ecosystems from UC Berkeley. Nabiha currently lives with her daughter and husband in Atlanta, where she is a communications and evaluation research consultant for environmental, public health, and web content clients, including The World Bank, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and
Alice Miller, Ph.D., United Kingdom
Alice Miller, Ph.D.
Ali is a Ph.D. student at University College London, focusing on international marine conservation and governance. She completed her Masters in Environment, Development and Politics at the University of Sussex in 2007 where the subject of her thesis was the use of community-run no-take zones for promoting sustainable octopus fisheries in Southwest Madagascar. Ali has since worked in Bangladesh with the WorldFish Center and at the University of Leeds in the Sustainability Research Institute. When not working, Ali enjoys visiting new places and when she can afford it diving in tropical seas looking for the elusive dugong.
Marie-Annick Moreau, Canada
Marie-Annick Moreau
Marie-Annick sis pursuing a Ph.D. in the Human Ecology Research Group at University College London, in the anthropology department. She also holds degrees in biology and geography from McGill University. Her research centers on environment-poverty links, investigating how the rural poor rely on aquatic resources for their livelihoods. She is currently working in Tanzania, and has also studied fish and fisheries in the Peruvian Amazon, Indonesia and Australia. Away from the field, she has been a member of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and of the marine conservation NGO Project Seahorse. She is from Montréal, Canada but lives in London with her husband.
Chad Monfreda US
Chad Monfreda
Chad Monfreda is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology at Arizona State University’s Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes (CSPO). His work in the field of science and technology studies (STS) looks at the connections between science and democracy, with a focus on proposals to link REDD+ in Mexico to California’s cap-and-trade program. Prior to coming to ASU, Chad earned a master’s degree in Land Resources from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he produced a new generation of global agricultural datasets. During this period, he began bridging global environmental science and policy by serving in the Secretariat on the consultative process towards an International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB) in Montpelier, France. In addition to his academic and policy work, Chad spent several years working on national ecological footprint accounts at the sustainability think tank Redefining Progress. Committed to public outreach, he currently serves on the Board of Directors of the youth-run organization, SustainUS, and has written about sustainability science for popular venues, such as Ensia magazine and
Amber Moreen, Ph.D., US
Amber Moreen, Ph.D.
Amber has a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Amber has worked as an environmental scientist and team leader with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where she worked on groundwater and ozone depletion issues and was a U.S. government representative to a United Nations Technical Options Committee. Her other experience includes stints with Friends of the Earth and with the Montana Alliance for Progressive Policy. Her research at RAND has focused on mechanisms and investor actions necessary to overcome the “resource curse”, cost-benefit analysis, water and wastewater resources in a future Palestine state, sustainable urban development and planning in Palestine, waste lubricating oil disposal, and the societal conditions needed to foster policies oriented toward long-term issues. Amber enjoys doing many things not associated with sitting in her windowless office, including doing anything in the mountains, boogie boarding and cuddling with her dog, Bud.
Aki Mori Japan
Aki Mori
Aki worked as Japanese translator for IISD in climate change reporting services. As a child, she lived in Paris and fostered a dream to immerse herself in art world. The dream came true when she moved to New York to study art. She enjoys learning Chinese and Korean languages in her spare time. She holds a B.A., Summa Cum Laude in Art History as well as B.A. in international relations and sociolody.
Gerhard Mulder, Netherlands
Gerhard Mulder
Gerhard is a graduate of the Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. He recently moved back to the Netherlands after having worked on environmental finance in New York City. He currently works in The Hague for the agency which procures CO2 credits from CDM and JI projects. When he is not traveling for work or pleasure, he enjoys sitting on his balcony eating stroopwafels and playing with his cat"X".
Wagaki Mwangi, Kenya
Wagaki Mwangi
Wagaki has previously worked with the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF), First Chartered Securities Ltd, and was formerly an Executive Director of a regional non-governmental oragnization, EcoNews Africa, which is based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Wagaki began writing on the ENB teams in 1993.
Ryo Nakamura, Japan
Ryo Nakamura
Ryo is a New York-based writer. His areas of expertise lie in natural resource management and economic development. He has worked as economic affairs officer with, among others, the UN Forum on Forests, the UN Development Programme, Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He enjoys cooking, jogging, skiing, island hopping, onsen (Japanese hot spring) and football. He speaks Japanese, English, Portuguese and Spanish. He holds two Master’s degrees, one in public administration and the other in international relations, both from Syracuse University.
Atieno Ndomo, Kenya
Atieno Ndomo
Atieno currently lives in Nairobi and works as a freelance consultant on social policy and development matters. She holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Manchester’s Institute for Development Policy and Management. Atieno has work experience at national, regional and international levels in development policy research, analysis and advocacy. She is a consultant ENB writer for the IISD Reporting Services’ Africa Initiative.
Laurel Neme, Ph.D., US
Laurel Neme
Laurel is an environmental consultant and writer, as well as a trained economist. She has worked for US Treasury Department, USAID, NGOs and others on natural resource management and policy in Africa and elsewhere. She is currently writing a narrative non-fiction book on wildlife trade and forensics. Laurel lives with her husband and son in Vermont and holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and an MPP from University of Michigan
Joe Nyangon, Kenya
Joe Nyangon
Born and raised in Kenya, Joe now lives in New York. His background is in environmental engineering, sustainable development and innovation systems. For over five years, he worked at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) on measurement and assessment projects, mainly on infrared diagnostics for agriculture and the environment and later on knowledge management and systems development at ICRAF headquarters in Nairobi.
Kate Offerdahl, US
Alison Ormsby
Kate is a Master’s candidate at Columbia University, where she is also receiving her BA, studying international environmental policy and political science. Kate represented the UN Major Group for Children and Youth at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), was one of the co-coordinators for the NY+20 Conference for Youth, and she previously worked in the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Her advocacy and research interests include: youth participation in decision-making, the representation of future generations, US foreign policy, and ethical political philosophy. Kate was born and raised in Minnesota, US, and currently lives in New York.
Alison Ormsby, US
Alison Ormsby
After stints with park management in the Peace Corps (Sierra Leone--evacuated), environmental education in Papua New Guinea, master's degree in environmental studies (research in Belize), teacher training with the Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Society, and environmental consulting, Alison is now completing her Ph.D. in environmental studies at Antioch New England Graduate School, focusing on people-park interactions and environmental education in Madagascar. She's authored a book, The Prairie, and numerous articles.
Leslie Christine Paas, Canada
Leslie Christine Paas
Leslie is from Winnipeg, Canada but has been living in Brazil for the past 7 years and speaks English, French, German and Portuguese fluently. She earned her BA from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (Communication and Latin American Studies) and did her Masters Degree in Media and Knowledge at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil, where she stayed on and is currently finishing up her PhD. When not researching and designing new possibilities for educating with information technology, Leslie can be found at her favorite Brazilian beach playing volleyball or surfing.
Andrea Pecora, Argentina
Andrea Pecora
Andrea joined the ENB team from November 2004 to February 2005 as the Operations Manager Assistant. She is studying Public Relations at Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires and in her spare time she enjoys singing, playing the guitar, traveling and meeting people.
Tiffany Prather, US
Tiffany Prather
Tiffany now works at the US EPA on trade and environment issues.
Elizabeth Press, US
Elizabeth Press
Elizabeth is a media-maker and educator based in New York City. She joined the IISD Reporting Services team as a Digital Editor in January 2013. For the past five years her video work focused on documenting smart transportation design and policy around the world for the blog Before she focused her work on the environment and alternative transportation, she mainly worked at alternative media outlets. Elizabeth produced for the independent TV/Radio program, Democracy Now!, edited for Worldfocus on PBS and freelanced for Grit TV with Laura Flanders.
Lavanya Rajamani, D.Phil., India
Lavanya Rajamani, D.Phil.
Lavanya is a Lecturer in Environmental Law & Fellow in Law, Queens' College, Cambridge. She teaches Environmental Law and International Law, and researches in the field of"Differential treatment in international environmental law." She has a D.Phil. (Doctorate) and a B.C.L. from Oxford, where she was Rhodes Scholar, and an LL.M. from Yale Law School, New Haven.
Stefan Renckens, Belgium
Stefan Renckens
Stefan is pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental politics at Yale University. His research deals with the interaction between public and private environmental regulation, focusing on several issue areas such as biofuels, fisheries, electronic waste, fair trade, and organics. He holds an MA in Political Science (2002), a Complementary Degree in Economics (2003), and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies (2005), all from the University of Leuven (Belgium). Between 2003 and 2008 he worked as a researcher and teaching assistant at the Political Science department of the University of Leuven.
Marcela Rojo, Argentina/Italy
Marcela Rojo
Marcela was the Operations & Outreach Manager for IISD Reporting Services from August 2000 to August 2007. She has an MA in Corporate Communication and postgraduate studies in Strategic Management from Universidad de San Andrés. Marcela lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina until November 2003 when she moved to Geneva to work from the IISD office. She speaks Spanish, English and German and some French, Portuguese and Italian. Marcela is now a Communications Officer at the Global Fund (
Anne Roemer-Mahler, Ph.D., United Kingdom
Anne Roemer-Mahler
Anne his a Research Fellow in Global Health Politics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She holds a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of Oxford where she studied as a Rhodes Scholar. Her dissertation investigated the role of generics and research-based pharmaceutical companies in shaping the global governance of intellectual property. Her academic interests include interest representation in global governance, private forms of governance and the regulation of new technologies. Her research has taken her to South Africa, Brazil and India and she has travelled widely in sub-Saharan Africa.
Molly Rosenman, US
Molly Rosenman
Molly postponed her freshman year at Haverford College to work for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a decision she used to regret at the end of each eighteen-hour day. She kept us all on a steady diet of chocolate and wished she were rock climbing. Molly is now at Haverford College and may join us later for more ENBs.
Renata Rubian, Brazil
Renata Rubian
Renata lives in Sri Lanka, working as a Programme Analyst at the UNDP Asia Pacific Centre, developing the Regional Human Development Report series. Previously, she was a researcher at the Ecosystem and Livelihoods Group of the IUCN and at the UNEP - Convention on Biological Diversity. Her career with the UN system started at the UNDP in Brazil, intercalated by a year’s break to work for the Canadian Government in Ottawa. She holds a MA in Political Science from McGill University and a BA in International Relations from the University of Brasilia. She was a co-founder of the first UN Simulation Model in Brazil – the 1997 Americas Model UN.
Laura Russo, Italy
Laura Russo
Laura is an independent consultant based in Rome working for international organizations on programme evaluations, participatory strategic planning, project management and writing and editing of technical publications in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Before choosing a freelance life, she worked with FAO of the UN in various roles from 1990 to 2008, in the fields of international forestry, environment and development. She joined ENB in 2009.
Yaël Ronen, Israel
Yaël Ronen
Yaël has recently begun working on her PhD in public international law in the University of Cambridge, UK. As a former diplomat, she has represented Israel at the UN General Assembly and in various human rights fora, and served 2 years in New Delhi, India. She speaks 4 languages, and would love to travel the world and learn new ones.
Liz Rubin, US
iz Rubin
Liz specializes in film, broadcast, digital media and storytelling. Liz recently founded a startup digital media firm that focuses on video storytelling for a sustainable future and works mainly out of New York City. Liz worked on President Obama's re-election campaign's digital team and traveled the USA with a camera for 15 months straight.The team earned 288 million views and won a Webby Award. In the decade prior to that Liz worked for over a dozen syndicated networks on camera crews and created content for shows, commercials, documentaries and online media. Liz can often be found in California and lives to sail, hike, camp or go off the grid in any capacity at sea, in the desert or mountains.
Charlotte Salpin, LL.M., France
Charlotte Salpin, LL.M.
Charlotte left the ENB family in 2005 to work on compliance with and enforcement of MEAs at UNEP’s Division of Environmental Conventions in Nairobi. She is now back to her first love, the marine world, working at the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea of the UN Office of Legal Affairs in New York
Annalisa Savaresi, Ph.D., Italy
Annalisa Savaresi
Annalisa specializes in European, international and comparative environmental law. Her research interests include biodiversity, climate change and forest law. Annalisa has studied and worked in the United Kingdom, Italy and Denmark. She is member of IUCN Commission on Environmental Law and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen. Since 2012 she has been Research Fellow at the School of Law, University of Edinburgh.
Lisa Schipper, Ph.D., Sweden / USA
Lisa Schipper, Ph.D.
Lisa worked for ENB from 2000-2009, covering primarily climate change and disaster risk reduction negotiations. She team led the climate change team from UNFCCC SB 16 through COP 10 and the negotiations prior to and during the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. Lisa currently works at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in Bangkok, Thailand, where she focuses on adaptation to climate change, development and socio-cultural aspects of risk and vulnerability.
Anna Schulz, Ph.D., US
Anna Schulz, Ph.D.
Anna holds a Ph.D. from Fletcher School, Tufts University, where she focused on international environmental and negotiation and conflict resolution. Her research addressed the legal frameworks governing transboundary watercourses she is particularly interested in how the evolution and structure of water law norms affects efforts to build adaptive capacity into transboundary water regimes. She also holds a LL.M. in International and Comparative Water Law and Policy from the University of Dundee, Scotland, a Masters of Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, Tufts University and a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. When not working she enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking and spending time at the beach.
Natacha Schvartz, Argentina
Natacha Schvartz
Natacha studied Social Communication and then she spent 10 years working as journalist in newspapers and lifestyle magazines. She holds a Masters Degree in Journalism from Clarin Group (a joint academia project from University of San Andrés and Clarin Group, sponsored by the School of Journalism of the University of Columbia). Since 2003 she works for cultural and academia NGOs, developing and implementing communications and media strategy.
Holly Shrumm, Canada
Holly Shrumm
Holly is a Digital Editor for IISD with a background in cultural anthropology, zoology, community development, and natural resource management. She is studying international environmental law and working for the NGO Natural Justice: Lawyers for Communities and the Environment in South Africa and Malaysia.
Kira Schmidt, US
Kira Schmidt
Kira began her ENB career in 1995 as a graduate student intern from Columbia Univ.'s School of International and Public Affairs. She worked for ENB for about four years, and then as a campaign director for the Earth Island Institute in San Francisco. She has recently left her job with EII.
Noelle Eckley Selin, US/Ireland
Noelle Eckley Selin
Noelle is a PhD student in Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, where she models the atmospheric transport of mercury and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) as part of the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group. Her previous research has focused on the role of science in international negotiations on POPs. Before returning to graduate school in 2002, she worked with the Initiative on Science and Technology for Sustainability at Harvard University, and was a visiting Fulbright researcher at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has also worked on chemicals issues with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. She has a B.A. in Environmental Science and Public Policy and an M.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University.
Malena Sell, Finland
Malena Sell
Malena is based in Geneva, Switzerland where she works for ICTSD. She worked team leading and writing for ENB and also as fulltime editor of Linkages Journal. Malena's previous experience includes consultancy work at the World Bank in Washington DC and in her home town Helsinki. She has also served as lecturer in international environmental policy at Helsinki University. Malena holds a BA and an MA in International Relations and Environmental Studies from Brown University.
Richard Sherman, South Africa
Richard Sherman
Richard serves as the Programme Manager for IISD RS’s Africa Regional Coverage Project. He was a former team leader and writer from 2002-2005. In addition, Richard works as a consultant to Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism with a particular focus on institutional reform and global governance. From 1998-2001 he was a member of the South African government's climate change delegation, and has played an active role in the South African NGO sector since 1995.
Sabrina Shaw, Canada
Sabrina Shaw
Sabrina is an Associate with IISD coordinating research to undertake Rapid Trade and Environment Assessments in the Mekong region. She teaches a graduate course in environmental policy and politics at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and serves as the Director of the Regional Office for Southeast Asia of the G8 Research Group. Sabrina has lived in Mexico and Geneva, where she worked for over a decade in the World Trade Organization, including as Secretary to the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment and to various dispute settlement panels. She holds an undergraduate degree from University College, University of Toronto and Masters degrees in international relations from the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, Geneva, and the University of Ottawa. Sabrina lives in Bangkok, where her husband, Francisco, is posted as a diplomat with the Brazilian Foreign Service. She has two sons, Benjamin (born in 2001) and Gabriel (born in 2002). She is a passionate multilateralist who enjoys doing ENBs.
Ari Shapiro, South Africa
Ari Shapiro
Ari tells stories about science through radio and multimedia. He’s trained seals in Scotland, tagged killer whales in Norway and currently lives in Boston. Ari bikes and bakes with abandon. He won the most contagious smile in the fifth grade. He’s delighted to be a part of the ENB.
Gretchen Sidhu, US
Gretchen Sidhu
Gretchen Sidhu is a consultant, working for UNIFEM and WEDO, among many clients. She has recently written for Women's Feature Service.
Robin Smith, US
Robin Smith
Robin is a freelance video producer with a focus on environmental and sustainable development issues. Her clients have included non-profit organizations, government agencies, and small businesses. Before her freelance life, Robin was an Associate Producer for Streetfilms, an organization covering sustainable transportation design and policy worldwide through video. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development from the University of Vermont. Robin is delighted to join IISD as a digital editor this year. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Matthew Sommerville, US
Gretchen Sidhu
Matt is a Ph.D. candidate at Imperial College London examining the theory and implementation of payments for ecosystem services in Madagascar. Matt has coordinated scientific research for a marine conservation NGO, and directed a small international school in Switzerland. He is interested in science communication to individuals of all ages, especially to his year old son. He has an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford and an BA in biology from Middlebury College, VT.
Silke Speier, Germany
Silke Speier
Silke is originally from Germany but currently enjoys life in Australia. She is working as an environmental consultant for Coffey MPW, an Australian development consultancy firm specialising in Asia and the Pacific. Silke has an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics (LSE), and a BA in Development Studies with Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (UK). She has worked for UNITAR’s Climate Change Training Programme (CC: TRAIN) in Geneva, UNCCD in Geneva and Bonn, GTZ in Guinea (West Africa) and the National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam. For ENB, Silke has covered FCCC meetings in 1996-97 and is now working on CITES.
Markus Staas, Germany
Markus Staas
Markus was a Digital Editor with ENB. When he is not attending conferences he works and offers services as a Photographer. He is German and lives with his wife Lisa (see above) in Bangkok, Thailand. Markus is currently doing an MA in Creative Media Practice writing about visual rhetorics.
Christoph Sutter, Ph.D., Switzerland
Christoph Sutter, Ph.D.
Christoph has a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. His doctoral research focused on sustainability assessment of CDM projects under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), including field work in India, South Africa and Uruguay. He has been working as a consultant on international climate policy with a focus on assessing and developing CDM projects for the last five years. When he is not traveling he spends as much time as possible in his tree house on an old chestnut tree at the lake of Zurich. After several years with ENB, Christoph accepted appointments with McKinsey and the UNFCCC CDM Methodology Panel in late 2005.
Jason Switzer, Canada
Jason Switzer
Formerly with IISD's Environment and Security program in Geneva, Jason is currently an environmental consultant based in Calgary.
Julie Taylor, Zimbabwe
Julie Taylor
Julie is a doctoral candidate at Oxford University, researching environment and development projects in southern Africa. Her work looks at the use of maps and geographic information technologies by indigenous San communities and NGOs in remote parts of Namibia, where she has done fieldwork since 2003. Julie holds an MPhil in Development Studies from Oxford and a BA in Social Anthropology from Cambridge. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, went to school in India for two years, and loves the outdoors. She has rowed for Oxford in the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Races, and in her travels has cycled around France and hiked in the Himalayas and Moroccan Atlas mountains. She also enjoys yoga, photography and playing the cello.
Claudia ten Have, Ph.D., Germany/South Africa
Claudia ten Have, Ph.D.
Claudia is based at the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies in Japan and works on institutional aspects of sustainable development governance and interlinkages. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration and an MA in International Relations. Before coming to the world of environment and sustainable development governance she was intrigued by activists fighting for affordable access to HIV/AIDS treatment in South Africa and campaigners working internationally to tighten the trade in conflict diamonds. She previously worked at the South African Institute of International Affairs and lectured in the International Relations Department of the University of the Witwatersrand. Claudia likes exploring the skylines and fire roads of mountainous Japan by motorbike, diving almost everywhere and running – she 's just received confirmation that she'll be running the Tokyo Marathon again with her husband James.
Daniela Tarizzo, Italy
Daniela Tarizzo
The “Eternal City” of Rome gave Daniela&rsqo;s birth, making her instinctively appreciative of bright sun, flush nature, good food, savory wine and smiling people. After centering her studies precisely on populations and natural environment, she has specialized in development, humanitarian assistance and environmental protection, with three Masters’ Degrees and various post-graduate courses – a tireless learner, with a passion for people and for nature. Field work since 1991 has provided exposure to a broad range of enriching and rewarding experiences, traveling around the globe, first-hand assessing projects’ impacts, interacting with local communities, in particular youth and indigenous peoples, in rural and urban areas while working for NGOs, CBOs and the UN, both as a professional and as a volunteer, but also actively participating into the negotiations of different intergovernmental arenas. Reading is the best part of her free time, the gym for the brain to be never renounced to, together with music, outdoor walks, and cooking, that also play an important catalyst role in her professional and personal life. Two thirteen-year old cats have been traveling along all over and are part of Daniela’s life, family, luggage. Recently returned to nature among the hilly wine-producing region of Marche with Giacomo, hi-tech green entrepreneur, and a third, hyper-active cat – the Monster.
Greg Terrill, Australia
Greg Terrill
Greg has his Ph.D. in Political Science from Queensland University of Technology with the thesis, "Secrecy and openness, publicity and propaganda - the politics of Australian federal government communication." He has recently completed a year of post-doctoral research at Oxford University (Nuffield College) and working as a consultant to the Ad Hoc Group on the Berlin Mandate within the UNFCCC Secretariat. He is currently working for the Australian government on climate change issues.
Kenneth Tong, Canada
Kenneth Tong
Ken is now the Webmaster for “Doctors without Borders” in Toronto.
Tristan Tyrrell, Ireland
Tristan Tyrrell
Tristan works as a consultant on conservation policy issues with UN agencies and national governments. Previously he has worked with UNEP-WCMC and IUCN, and has been based in UK, Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea and Kenya, and now lives in Montreal, Canada. He has participated in a number of multilateral environmental negotiations including CBD, UNCCD, CMS and IPBES variously as a Party delegate, independent expert, IGO staff or as part of the MEA secretariat.
Cecilia Vaverka, Sweden
Cecilia Vaverka
Cecilia holds a Master in Political Science and International Relations from Uppsala University, Sweden. Professionally, her work has primarily focused on UN-related policy formulation and advocacy, as well as multilateral negotiations, during her tenure at, among others, the Swedish Mission to the UN and the UN Secretariat. Having exchanged skyscrapers for pyramids, Cecilia currently lives in Cairo, where she works as an environmental consultant and has the benefit of gaining practical experience of development cooperation in various environmental fields at country-level. While enjoying yet another city that never sleeps, she has also become hooked on windsurfing in the Red Sea.
Andrey Vavilov, Ph.D., Russia
Andrey Vavilov
Andrey has been a career diplomat at the Russian Foreign Ministry for a long time. He started as an interpreter and note-taker. After postings in Delhi and London, he focused on multilateral negotiations at the UN, in particular on arms control and sustainable development issues. He wrote a book on the environmental effects of the arms race and the negotiating history of the Environmental Modification Convention. He worked for Maurice F.Strong as Head of External Relations of the UNCED Secretariat, which prepared the Rio Earth Summit, in 1992. After serving as Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to UNEP and HABITAT in Nairobi from 1995 to 2000, he joined the Diplomatic Academy, Moscow, as Senior Researcher. Andrey holds a Ph.D. (History). He lectures occasionally for young Russian diplomats, but has been devoting more time to building extensions to his log cabin, hidden in a forest along the river Volga.
Juliette Voinov, Switzerland
Juliette Voinov
With her multiple nationalities (Swiss, French and American) Juliette is a Ph.D student at the University of Geneva and a visiting researcher at NYU on compliance with treaty law, in particular the Kyoto Protocol. She worked for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and is currently a consultant for the Swiss government and IISD.
Antto Vihma, Finland
Antto Vihma
Antto has completed his Ph.D. at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, analyzing effectiveness and legitimacy of international agreements. He currently works as a research fellow in the Global Security Research Programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, conducting academic research and consulting governments and NGOs on UN climate talks. Before becoming a climate process aficionado, Antto studied beekeeping in Ghana and Madagascar, and worked as a hotel animator singing ABBA songs and schlagers in Cyprus.
Brad Vincelette, Canada
Brad Vincelette
Brad has been architecting web software from the very start of his career (18+ yrs) using several various languages and frameworks. He specializes in data-driven web programming specifically in the development of “smarter” search engines, web/data performance tuning, process automation, and search engine/content optimization. In his spare time and when requested, Brad has been doing presentations for small business startups on variety of computer topics covering areas on: how to properly manage your computer desktop/files/data, how to effectively purchase hardware and software, how to troubleshoot your computer, internet searching techniques, and what you really need to know when starting up a web site.
Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, Ph.D. Netherlands
Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers
Ingrid is combining writing for IISD with her position as Assistant Professor at the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Her research programme revolves around international forest, nature and biodiversity governance. Current research themes include the relationships between and effectiveness of different (public and private) international policies, partnerships, certification, sustainable tourism, and REDD+. Ingrid holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from Utrecht University and MSc degrees in Business Administration and Environmental Studies. She has previously worked for Greenpeace as a forest campaigner.
Rajyashri Waghray, India
Rajyashri Waghray
Raj recently graduated from the Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. She is consulting for the IMF.
Hugh Wilkins, LL.M., Canada
Anny Wong, Ph.D.
Hugh lives in Toronto, Canada, where he works as a member of the Ontario Environmental Tribunal.
Steve Wise, US
Steve Wise
Steve Wise spends as much time as he can in the mountains and woods, especially those around his home of Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Once in a while he comes inside to cover meetings on biodiversity, forests and other issues for ENB. As a director of Virtual Production Services he also works with non-profits who want to use the World Wide Web. (In the picture, Steve can be seen testing the waters).
Simon Wolf, Germany
Simon Wolf
Simon is constantly pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Kassel (Germany), in cooperation with the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig. His research is on how the double goal of raising finance for climate protection on a global scale, while meeting sustainability criteria, can be achieved. He also has a strong interest in related topics such as water policies and biodiversity. Before starting with his PhD, he spent an exciting year in Mexico, working with a local NGO in the highlands of Guerrero, and with with the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Mexico City. He has a background in journalism and has written for a number of different publications. Simon is happy to call Berlin home, where he can always explore something new with his camera, and visit the city´s wonderful theaters.
Anny Wong, Ph.D., United Kingdom
Anny Wong, Ph.D.
Anny successfully defended her dissertation on the domestic influences on Japan's international environmental policy and works at the East-West Center in Hawaii. It is true that on receipt of her diploma she switched on battery-powered holiday lights hidden in her graduation gown. She is currently working on forest issues in Washington D.C.
Kunbao Xia, China
Kunbao Xia
Kunbao has worked in the field of environmental diplomacy since 1985. He was Director and then Director General, National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), China from 1985 to 1996 in charge of international cooperation. He was posted in Nairobi as China�s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and acted as Vice Chairman, Committee of Permanent Representatives of UNEP between October 1996 to May 1999. He worked with UNEP as a senior staff member between May 1999 and July 2004.
Yulia Yamineva, Ph.D., Russia
Yulia Yamineva
Yulia is postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Climate, Energy and Environmental Law of the University of Eastern Finland. In the past, she worked for the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Climate Change (climate finance), private sector (safeguard policies of international financing institutions) and a number of academic bodies, including Stanford University. She regularly serves as a consultant on international climate and environmental law and policy for UN agencies and thinktanks. Yulia holds a Ph.D. in International Studies and an M.Phil. in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge, and a Law degree from South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Based currently in Helsinki, she enjoys the cool vibe of the Nordics.
Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa, Ph.D., Mongolia
Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa
Sara has a doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy. She has just finished a post-doc at the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan. She holds a professorship at Mongolian University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include environment and sustainable development policy, water resources management, air pollution, and waste management.
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