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Reporting on Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa

The Forum of Energy Ministers in Africa (FEMA) was established in 2005 to provide political leadership, policy direction and advocacy to increase access, better utilization and management of energy resources for the sustainable social and economic development of Africa.

MANDATE: The objectives of FEMA are in line with the objectives of the African Union and NEPAD and aim to contribute to the eradication of poverty and place African countries individually and collectively at the path of sustainable growth and development. Designed as a member-driven network, the FEMA work plan 2005-2008 aims at strengthening FEMA institutional arrangements, informing international advocacy and promoting regional inter-governmental dialogue. The main objective of the work plan 2005 -2008 is to assist African States and sub-regional organisations to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the Johannesburg Summit targets and the Bonn Renewables 2004 Political Declaration and International Action Plan (IAP) with respect to energy. Intermediate objectives under the work plan are to:

raise the profile of the energy sector in national and regional planning to reflect its central role in achieving the Millennium Development Goals;
develop a coherent energy strategy for Africa, including re-strategizing in order to increase modern energy supply and access;
promote a common approach expressed through specific, national and regional projects of benefit to Sub-Saharan African countries;
speak with a common voice and collectively advocate for the financing of regional projects; and
promote interconnectivity, and develop common technical standards and codes of conduct.

In September 2005, FEMA Chair announcing plans to ensure that at least 50% of Africa’s poor have access to sustainable modern energy services and technologies by 2015, resulting in significant improvements in the environment they depend on for their livelihoods – as well as improving health and education services.

STRUCTURE: FEMA is chaired by the Ugandan Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Daudi Migereko. The interim secretariat is hosted by the Ugandan Ministry of Energy. FEMA has been positively received by many development partners as a needed Forum to voice African energy concerns. Several development institutions operating within the African Energy sector have agreed to support the new Forum with more than words. ESMAP is contributing funding for a senior advisor to be posted in the secretariat in Kampala. The German Development Cooperation (GTZ) has supported the establishment of the new Secretariat office.

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