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Summary Report
Monday, 1 September 2008
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First Inter-ministerial Conference on
Health and Environment in Africa

26–29 August 2008 | Libreville, Gabon

Highlights for Friday, 29 August 2008
Members of the Secretariat.
Daily web coverage
Tuesday, 26 August - Wednesday, 27 August - Thursday, 28 August - Friday, 29 August
On Friday morning, 29 August 2008, delegates reconvened in plenary to consider the draft declaration, and commented on the draft. Many objected to a recommendation making the implementation of intersectoral health and environment programmes a pre-condition for allocating increased resources. It was suggested, instead, that there should be encouragement or remuneration for the allocation of increased resources to health and environment. On two paragraphs calling on WHO and UNEP for support and to monitor progress, there was agreement that WHO and UNEP establish a network for communicable and non-communicable diseases, and a number of countries suggested that the focus should be on national measures before calling for international assistance. Finally, Djibouti offered to host the second meeting of the Inter-ministerial Conference on Health and the Environment before the end of 2010.

Plenary resumed at 5:00 pm for a reading of the draft declaration, which was adopted by acclamation. In her closing remarks, Chair Ngoma praised participants for the important exchange relating to the environment and health. She said the Libreville Declaration represents a preparedness of Africa to address the effects on health of environmental factors, and called on all countries to assist in that “Herculean task.” Theresa Siricio Iro, Minister of Environment, Sudan, gave a vote of thanks, and Mounkaila Goumandakoye, Director, UNEP ROA, and Luis Gomes Sambo, WHO Regional Director for Africa, made closing remarks.

The Libreville Declaration was then signed by ministers from all African nations, or their representatives, and Georgette Koko, Deputy Prime Minister, Gabon, called the meeting to close at 6:58 pm.
Members of the secretariat pose for a group photo.
H.E. Georgette Koko, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and the Protection of Nature, Gabon.
H.E. Beavogui Mariame, Minister for Hygiene and Public health, Republic of Guinea.
H.E. Ramadhan Kajembe, Assistant Minister of Environment, Kenya, signing the Libreville Declaration.
The newly appointed Vice Chair of the Bureau.
Reading of the draft declaration in English and French.
Cross-section of the participants.
The delegates adopted the Declaration by acclamation.
Your ARC team in Libreville Gabon. L-R: Wagaki Mwangi (Kenya); Harry Jonas (United Kingdom); and Tallash Kantai (Kenya).
Daily web coverage
Tuesday, 26 August - Wednesday, 27 August - Thursday, 28 August - Friday, 29 August
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