ENB Policy Briefs Share Sustainable Development Lessons Learned

24 March 2021

Still Only One Earth policy brief series considers how to advance critical environmental issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As humanity confronts multiple global crises – climate change, biodiversity loss, rising pollution – it is critical to take stock of how environmental progress has been fostered in the past and how to leverage those lessons to rebuild multilateral cooperation in a post-COVID world.

In the lead up to the 50th anniversaries of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment and the UN Environment Program in June 2022, the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team is writing a series of reports assessing the successes and shortcomings of five decades of global environmental policy. The Still Only One Earth policy brief series aims to build on the message of the landmark 1972 UN report that reminded humanity we have no other home but this planet.

Drawing on the unparalleled environmental negotiation insights of the global ENB team, the policy briefs draw on the lessons of the past to guide future endeavours to address the causes of climate change, support the sustainable management of natural resources, and foster fair and sustainable economies.

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