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Sixth Extraordinary Session of the Commission
On Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture

FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy; 25 - 30 June 2001


Update for Wednesday, 27 June:

Delegates met in parallel sessions of the Plenary and Committee of the Whole (COW). In the brief morning Plenary, delegates addressed Articles 10 and 13, relating to the Multilateral System (MS) of Access and Benefit-sharing, and then adjourned for the day to allow for regional consultations. The COW continued consideration of institutional provisions in morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The working group on the list of crops continued debate on inclusion of outstanding crop genera and forages in an evening session. Above right: FAO Headquarters in Rome.


Scenes from the floor: scenes of delegates in informal negotiation prior to the morning Plenary. Above right: Canadian delegate (on the left) explaining text to a representative of the US. Below left: Egypt (left) discussing with Canada (right), while China listens (center). Below right: Members of the Argentinian delegation (center and right) talking with an unidentified delegate.

RealAudio by ENB - click to listenJust before he closed the morning session of the Plenary, CGRFA Chair
Fernando Gerbasi urged all parties
to make the efforts required to reach consensus, and he
reminded delegates that this meeting may be the last opportunity to complete the IU.
Michael Davis, ENB Writer, having a chat with Kerry ten Kate of the UK delegation.
RealAudio by ENB - click to listen Before adjournment, the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) emphasized their concern to ensure free flow of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (PGRFA) and real benefits for rural livelihoods and food security. They expressed hope that the IU would be agreed with the inclusion of a significant list of crops and forages. More information:

Committee of the Whole

Wednesday's three sessions of the COW were held in the beautifully ornate Malaysia Room.



Delegates are seen here relaxing and enjoying the hospitality shown by the Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the FOA, who hosted a reception on Wednesday night.

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