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SUNDAY UPDATE: The Friends of the Chair met in the morning and the Chair presented a new draft text. Discussions will likely continue throughout the afternoon. At 7pm, delegates continued to meet in informal consultations, and the Plenary had been further postponed until 11pm. At 11:30, it was annouced that the Plenary would be held on Monday morning at 8am. The Extraordinary COP will begin at 10am.

SATURDAY UPDATE: In the morning, the Chair announced in Plenary that he would convene a small group of delegates to further discuss the issues. At 8 pm the Chair announced that the scheduled Plenary, which was scheduled for 8 pm, was cancelled and that the small group would continue their discussions throughout the night. The Friends of the Chair will meet at 8 am Sunday and Plenary is scheduled for 11.

Delegates milling about Sunday night, waiting for the Plenary that never happened.

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