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May 11, 1998
Bratislava, Slovakia

"The CBD at a Cross-Roads: From Negotiation to Implementation"

Sponsored by the London School of Economics and the Government of Canada

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11 May
Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias (Brazil)

opens discussion on the history of the CBD negotiations

Patrick Szell (UK)

calls the CBD only the first word, not the last word, on Biodiversity

Peter Schei (Norway, Chair of SBSTTA)

talks about the evolution of the three-fold objectives of the CBD

Vaish Avani (India)

compares the CBD and FCCC Negotiations

Arthur Campeau (Canada)

discusses the four horsemen who are still riding over habitats

Vincente Sanchez (Chile, Chair of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) for the CBD)

tells how the US put the CBD into the world's headlines

Veit Koester (Denmark, Chair of Working Group II of the INC, Chair of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Biosafety)

muses that the CBD negotiations already feel like past history; by COP-5 they may well belong to a past century