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Twelfth Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-12)

2-6 July 2007 | Paris, France

Highlights for Friday, 6 July 2007

On Friday, SBSTTA 12 delegates met in Working Group II (WG-II) to finalize draft recommendations on dry and sub-humid lands, and biodiversity and climate change. A contact group also met in the morning to consider the draft recommendation on biofuels. In the afternoon, delegates convened in closing plenary to adopt SBSTTA 12 recommendations and SBSTTA 13 agenda.

Chair Christian Prip closed SBSTTA 12 promptly at 6:00pm.

ENB SUMMARY AND ANALYSIS: The Earth Negotiations Bulletin summary and analysis of SBSTTA 12 will be combined with the summary from WGRI 2 and will be available on Monday, 16 July 2007, online at:


SBSTTA 12 adopted recommendations on: the application of the ecosystem approach; lessons learned from the preparation of GBO 2; review of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment; Global Strategy for Plant Conservation; dry and sub-humid lands; biodiversity and climate change; procedure for consideration of emerging issues; and biofuels.
  Jorge Ernesto Quezada Diaz, El Salvador.   Robert McLean, Canada.  
  David Dutton, Australia, requested bracketing all references to “climate change impacts and the impacts of climate change response activities,” noting that this language was not consistent with relevant COP decisions.   Victoria Lichtschein, Argentina, requested that references to promoting biodiversity be modified to promoting “conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.”  
  Jean-Patrick Le Duc, France.   Somaly Chan, Cambodia.   Soumayila Bancé, Burkina Faso.  
  Ahmed Djoghlaf, CBD Executive Secretary.   Jo Mulongoy, CBD Secretariat.  


The contact group on biofuels resolved outstanding issues including references to information on ways to address impacts on biodiversity of the production and use of biofuels and on options for considering biofuels in the CBD's work programmes.
  Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, Ghana.   Fernando Coimbra, Brazil.   Felicity Buchanan, New Zealand.  
  Stefan Liener, European Community.   Girma Balcha, Ethiopia, and Francis Ogwal, Uganda.  


Biodiversity of Dry and Sub-humid Lands

  Marco Antonio Villalon, Mexico.   Geoff Hicks, New Zealand.   Jutta Stadler, Germany.  

Biodiversity and Climate Change

  Ines Verleye, Belgium, requested retaining references to deforestation.   Deon Alexandre Stewart, Bahamas, asked to reference the Joint Liaison Group of the Rio Conventions.  
  Arthur Eijs, the Netherlands, welcomed the findings of the global assessment on peatlands biodiversity and climate change.   Martina Mlinaric, Slovenia, requested retaining references to the London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution regarding potential risks from ocean fertilization.   Marie-Anne Vautrin, France, suggested referencing the impacts of deforestation.  
  Tulshi Bhakta Prajapati, Nepal.   James Seyani, Malawi.  



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