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Tenth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for an International Legally Binding Instrument for the Application of the Prior Informed Consent Procedure (PIC) for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (INC-10)

Geneva, Switzerland; 17-21 November 2003

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Highlights for Tuesday, 18 November 2003

Delegates met in a morning and afternoon plenary session to continue deliberations on the inclusion of chemicals in the interim PIC Procedure, including: dustable powder formulations of benomyl, carbofuran, and thiram; and the five forms of asbestos.  The Plenary also addressed: issues arising out of ICRC-4, including maleic hyrdazide achievements of the ICRC  and inconsistencies within Annex III of the Convention; assignment of specific Harmonized System customs codes; status of signature and ratification of the Convention; and the Secretariat's 2004 budget. The open-ended working group on compliance met in morning and afternoon session to continue deliberations of the Chair's draft COP-1 decision on compliance.

Above photo: Bird's eye view of the plenary during a session of INC-10.



PESTICIDE ACTION NETWORK (PAN) confirmed informal trade in dustable powder formulations of benomyl, carbofuran, and thiram in West Africa. Above photo: Barbara Dinham (PAN)

CANADA requested that the decision on chrysotile asbestos be postponed to allow for completion of its national consultations on the issue. Above photo L-R: Jean-Louis Wallace and Bernard Madé (Canada). 

Bill Murray, Interim Secretariat, introduced an ICRC document which includes information that should be provided by a country using a risk evaluation from another country in support of a notification of final regulatory action.

WWF INTERNATIONAL supported the inclusion of all five forms of asbestos. Above photo: Clifton Curtis (WWF-International).

Reiner Arndt, ICRC Chair emphasized three categories of ICRC work: review of chemicals, development of procedures, and policy-related matters.

said on the issue of maleic hydrazide that it no longer produces, uses or exports choline salt, and that although base acid stocks remain, these would be disposed of. Above photo:
Yasuhiro Nakayama (Japan)

SWITZERLAND suggested including Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers in the DGDs. Above photo: Georg Karlaganis (Switzerland)

Erik Larsson, Interim Secretariat, introduced a document  (UNEP/FAO/PIC/INC.10/INF/1) and outlined progress on the development of Harmonized System customs codes in cooperation with the World Customs Organization.

Elena Sobakina, Interim Secretariat, introduced a document on the status of signature and ratification of the Convention (UNEP/FAO/PIC/INC.10/INF/2).

IRAN noted the importance of regional workshops as a driver for ratification. Above photo (right): Rashid Bayat Mokhtari (Iran)

Jim Willis, Joint Executive Secretary for the Interim Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention (UNEP), introduced a document on financial pledges and contributions.

MOROCCO urged financial support for developing countries' participation in COP-1. Above photo: Zeromali Abdelhay (Morocco)


CANADA highlighted the need to distinguish between party related issues, on which information should be submitted by Parties, and systemic issues, where the Compliance Committee may request information from other sources. Above photo: Ted McDorman (Canada)

The NETHERLANDS proposed revised text on communication and "exchange of experience with similar types of bodies of those other agreements."
Above photo: Maas Goote (the Netherlands)


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