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Participants registering before the Opening Plenary.
Chair John Buccini of Canada opened INC-2.
Mr. Andrea Merla, on behalf of the GEF, underscored the GEF’s support for the POPs negotiations and its awareness of the adverse effects of POPs. He confirmed that the GEF is ready to serve as the financial mechanism for the POPS instrument and underscored that additional resources will be required.
INDIA, on behalf of the Asia Pacific Group, announced that Jafar Ghamieh (Iran, left) would replace Dr. Mohammed Asrarul Haque (India) as the regional representative to the Bureau.
CEG Co-Chairs Reiner Arndt (Germany, right) and Ndoye Fatoumata Jallow (The Gambia, left) reported on CEG-1 and referred delegates to the report of the meeting (UNEP/POPS/INC/CEG/1/3). He noted both the CEG’s recommendation for a provision to protect against new substances exhibiting POPs characteristics and the screening criteria identified by the CEG. Co-Chair Ndoye highlighted the table of tasks for a procedure and the proposed work plan for the CEG. factors.
Selected statements from the Opening Plenary, in RealAudio:

The INTERNATIONAL POPS ELIMINATION NETWORK (IPEN) called for, inter alia: a provision stating that POPs be eliminated in an expedient manner; the development of programmes to help developing countries find alternatives to POPs; and clear criteria for identifying new POPs.

The US, recalling discussions of responsibilities during negotiations of the PIC convention, preferred the concept of shared responsibilities.

Chair Buccini introduced, and the Plenary adopted, the agenda for INC-2 (UNEP/POPS/INC.2/1).

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