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Canada suggested separate paragraphs on information exchange on reduction and elimination; and on alternatives.
During the discssion on research, development and monitoring Egypt supported using elements of the Montreal Protocol, including national focal points and an oversight committee
The Implementation Group, chaired by Maria-Cristina Cardenas Fischer (Colombia) convened in the afternoon and elected Shantanu Consul (India), Karel Bláha (Czech Republic), Soki Kue-Di-Kuenda (Angola) and Manfred Schneider (WEOG) as regional representatives for the Bureau.

Special event: IPEN reception

The International Pops Elimination Network (IPEN) held a reception for delegates in the gardens of the UN compound. Dr. Klaus Topfer, Executive Director of UNEP (right) welcomed delegates and wished them success in their work.

Sharyle Patter and Romeo Quijano of IPEN, displaying the certificate of recognition given to them by Dr. Topfer. Along with several countries, IPEN was admitted to the "POPs Club" for their support of the POPs negotiations process.

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