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Negotiations Group
KOREA proposed merging the parts on inventories reporting and release reduction and elimination targets. Chair Buccini said that the current structure allows for differentiated treatment under each category.
NIGERIA proposed text stating that information exchange be carried out in a transparent and nondiscriminatory manner.
On stockpiles, AUSTRALIA asked for clear definition of products, articles and waste and asked when a POP is considered to be waste.
On the annex listing chemicals subject to release reporting and reduction or elimination measures, the RUSSIAN FEDERATION queried ambiguities in the reporting time schedule.
Implementation Group
ICELAND emphasized that inventories are ongoing and noted that information gathered for inventories on how chemicals are stored will facilitate risk assessments.
INDIA emphasized that the list of capacity building activities is not final and that modalities and financing be discussed later.
BARBADOS cautioned against over reliance on high technology measures, stressed the value of using local measures and preferred the term assistance over transfer.


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