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Closing Plenary
UNEP Executive Director Dr. Klaus Töpfer reiterated that the 12 POPs listed for action in the mandate from the UNEP Governing Council are truly the "dirty dozen" as they are toxic, persistent, travel long distances and build up through the food chain. He said POPs must be stopped and a global solution must be reached by the year 2000.
Taking advantage of Topfer's presence, Chair Buccini welcomed him into the POPs Club by presenting him with an honorary pin, Töpfer in return donated a penny to the POPs Club for good luck.

The US underlined the need for science-based criteria in listing POPs candidates.

Chair Buccini noted the report was final and closed for comment except for a question on whether to include a paragraph providing for annexing to the report of statements by G-77/CHINA and the EU on sources of technical and financial assistance or to exclude the paragraph on the basis that the statements were reflected in the report. AUSTRALIA (shown here), on behalf of JUSSCANZ, said annexing under the current circumstances would be unproductive, pressurize countries into making statements and lead to a statement war.

In reaction to text reflecting support for the concept of differentiated responsibilities, the US proposed adding a sentence supporting the concept of shared responsibility reflected in the PIC Convention as more appropriate. CHINA (shown here) asserted that this sentiment is not widely shared.
In closing remarks, GERMANY, on behalf of the EU, characterized INC-2 as having cooperative spirit, and thanked Kenya, Chair Buccini and the Secretariat for making INC-2 a success.

BANGLADESH, on behalf of G-77/CHINA offered thanks to Kenya, the Secretariat and the Bureau.
Chair John Buccini noted his appreciation for the positive way delegates worked and interacted at INC-2, and gaveled the meeting to a close at 8:00 pm.

Special Interview

In this exclusive interview Mr. Jack Weinberg of Greenpeace International, speaks with Laura Ivers of the ENB. Mr. Weinberg responded to and commented on the following questions:

What are the major outcomes of INC-2?

Will the convention be flexible enough to adress divergent country needs?

What needs to be accomplished between now and INC-3?

The ENB team for POPs INC-2, from left to right: Molly Rosenman, Laura Ivers, Anny Wong, Leila Mead, RIchard Campbell. Not shown: Kimo Goree, Andrei Henry (behind the camera)

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