CITES: Thirteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

02 - 14 October 2004, Bangkok, Thailand
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ENB Summary

Compte rendu du BNT

Thursday, 14 October 2004
From left: CITES Secretary-General Willem Wijnstekers, Suvit Khunkitti, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand and COP-13 Chair, Holly Dublin, Committee I Chair, David Morgan, Head of the CITES Scientific Support Unit, Martin Brasher, Chair of Committee II and Jonathan Barzdo, Chief Convention Support Unit

Delegates met in a closing Plenary session following the adoption of 50 proposals to amend the Appendices. Parties congratulated the government and people of Thailand for hosting the 13th Conference of the Parties. They also thanked Committee I Chair Holly Dublin and Committee II Chair Martin Basher, and the Secretariat for all their hard work in making the meeting a success.

The Netherlands commended the Thai government for organizing the meeting and offered to host COP-14 in 2007.

COP-13 Chair, Minister Suwit Khunkitti, closed the meeting at 12:00 pm.

CITES Secretary-General Willem Wijnstekers displays gift from the government of Thailand
Milan Lindeque, Namibia.
COP-13 allows Namibia to trade in individual marked ekipas for non-commercial purposes
Thomas Althaus, Animals Committee Chair, announced his retirement

Rebecca Parzer-Gloudemans, The Netherlands

Nicola Beynon, Humane Society International
Delegates applaud at the closing of the meeting

Delegates expressed their appreciation to the Secretariat and COP Chairs for their hard work and dedication during the course of the meeting
Sue Lieberman, WWF, congratulating delegates on a successful COP

The ENB COP-13 team. From the left: Kimo Goree, Director of IISD Reporting Services, Mark Schulman, Soledad Aguilar, Charlotte Salpin, Bo-Alex Fredvik and Leila Mead

Displays highlighting the concerns and issues discussed at CITES COP-13


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ENB Summary of COP-11 in PDF format:

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