13 June 1998          Bonn, Germany

There is no daily issue of the ENB for Friday, June 13. Coverage of the day's proceedings will be included in the ENB Summary issue, which will be available Monday, June 15. The link to the Summary issue will be found on the Bonn'98 homepage when it becomes available.


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Photos from the FCCC Subsidiary Bodies

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FCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar during an interview with ENB team members Peter Doran, Chad Carpenter and Ben Simmons.
The main pixel board, the day's first destination for every participant.
Industry representatives consulting documents before the closing session.
The closing session was delayed because of last-minute attempts at reaching consensus and photocopying of final documents. Pictured here is Chairman Chow waiting for delegates and documents to arrive.
A few of the FCCC staff and interns who organised the meeting and insured that it ran smoothly.
While waiting for the final session to start, they gathered around the rapporteur's computer and checked out the ENB web site.
Both Chairman Chow and Chairman Kante presided over the closing session.
The UNFCCC Information Support team members, who were responsible for Internet access and computer support.
ENB's Ben Simmons interviewing David Hunter of the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL).
Molly Rosenman, ENB's Logistical Coordinator.
The ENB writing team during the final session. They spent two long nights going over all their notes and documents while preparing the final Summary issue.

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