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Forest Day

Shaping the Global Agenda for Forests & Climate Change

8 December 2007 | Ayodya Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

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Summary Report
The location of the event, Ayodya Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali


Highlights for Saturday, 8 December 2007

The first ever Forest Day was held at the Ayodya Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, in parallel to the UN Climate Change meeting (COP 13 & COP/MOP 3). More than 800 people, representing many of the world's key forest stakeholders, were in attendance.

Opening Plenary

M.S. Kaban, Indonesia’s Minister of Forestry, delivered the keynote address.

Rudy Rabbinge, Dean of Wageningen Graduate Schools

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Chair of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Katherine Sierra, World Bank Vice President for Sustainable Development

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Cross-Cutting Themes

Cross-Cutting Theme 1: Setting the Baseline and Estimating Forest Carbon - Methodological Challenges.

Cross-Cutting Theme 2: Markets and Governance - Can We Make Them Work?

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Cross-Cutting Theme 3: Efficiency vs. Equity - What are Trade Offs and Can they be Managed?

Cross-Cutting Theme 4: Adaptation to Climate Change - Achieving Increased Resilience and Livelihood Improvements.

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Closing Plenary

Frances Seymour, Director General, CIFOR Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

Left to right: Yvo de Boer, UNFCCC; Don K. Lee, IUFRO; Emmanuel Ze Mekka, ITTO; and Boen Purnama, Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia.

A large number of informative exhibits from various non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations were set up.

Posters displayed on the event.

The Governors of Aceh, Indonesia, Papua, Indonesia, and Amazonas, Brazil, sign the Forests Now Declaration.

Irwandi Yusuf, Governor of Aceh, Indonesia, and Barnabas Suebu, Governor of Papua, Indonesia. Eduardo Braga, Governor of Amazonas, Brazil.

ENB writers María Gutiérrez and Rado Dimitrov prepare the summary report on the Forest Day.

Kimo Goree, Head of the IISD Reporting Services, converses with a participant.

Participants during a break.


Twenty five side events took place on a wide range of subjects, from the role of boreal forests in climate change mitigation to the Forest Now Declaration to estimating carbon stocks in forested landscapes.

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