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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Ninth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Milan, Italy, 1- 12 December, 2003 


Photo Highlights from Thursday, 4 December
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Photo courtesy of IISD/ENB-Leila Mead

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Photo: COP-9 President Miklós Persányisa, with Richard Kinley and Chad Carpenter, Secretariat

Jennifer Morgan, WWF, greets delegates with comments on th US climate strategy, claiming it "Fakes action, instead of takes action" (left)
A live mime plays a Magrite portrait at the Responding to Climate Change Kiosk
Delegates in the corridors (left) and Patricia Bliss-Guest, GEF (right)
Heads of Delegation: Harlan Watson, US, Mohammed Al-Saban, Saudi Arabia, and Muriel Dobe, South Africa
Karsten Sach and Thelma Krug speak with delegates (left) and Don Perlman, industry representative speaks with Barbara Black (Secretariat)
Raul Estrada, Argentina, and Tibor Farago, Hungary (left) and Hungary and Poland consult (right)
Alexey Kororin, WWF Russia (left) and Jennifer Morgan, WWF (right)
Side Event on Key issues for operationalizing CDM projects: reflections from the Swedish investment initiative
Michael Zammit Cutajar, representing Malta, speaks with Susan Gordon, US (left)
The Side Event on the latest European Commission proposals for legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions was packed to capacity (left) and Vitaly Matsarski of the Secretariat speaks with the Russian Delegation
POC-9: Parties Overcome Competition: A sort of alternative event taking place at COP, where delegates pick a card of another delegation and meet with them over a drink to increase dialogue and decrease competition between different parties. This event is sponsored by the Italian NGO Committee at COP9 (Italian Association Against Climate Change)
Reception hosted by Indigenous Peoples' groups, David Warrilow, UK, with Trigg Talley, US, duirng the Contact Group on the Third Assessment Report (right)

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