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In December 1994, the EU Environment Council decided that the following measures needed to be considered for reasons of environment and health protection and to ensure environmentally and socially compatible mobility:

  • - to further optimize the technology (vehicles, fuel) on a regular basis;
  • - in all policy fields to limit and to reduce, as far as possible and feasible, environmentally damaging transport;
  • - to work towards a shift from road and air traffic to rail and waterways and from motor cars to public and non-motorized transport, taking into account geographical and socio-economical factors;
  • - to work as far as possible towards the payment of infrastructure costs and external costs by the users of transport infrastructure taking also into account fair competition, e.g. through road pricing;
  • - to take measures to increase public awareness for sustainable mobility.

European Council of Ministers

Environment Council Meeting - December 15/16 1994