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Through Transparency

16 - 18 November 2000, Cap d'Ail & Monaco


Thursday, 16 November

Friday, 17 November

Saturday, 18 November


On Saturday morning, 18 November, participants at the three-day Global Responsibility Founding Forum attended one or several of eight workshop sessions on sustainability-related themes. The workshops addressed: (1) Benchmarking as an incentive for corporate performance improvement; (2) NGOs: allies and adversaries; (3) Social and environmental concerns as a driving force for investment; (4) Prevention is better than cure: a look at the healthcare sector; (5) The growing market for responsible sports; (6) Towards sustainable development and tourism: intermediaries communicating responsibility; (7) Communicating social and ethical issues; and (8) From environmental to sustainable product related communications.

In the afternoon, participants gathered for the closing session. Javed Ahmad, Global Responsibility CEO, underscored his pride in the overall quality of the Forum and, on an emotional level, his sense that something important and of great potential was underway. Ulrich Goluck, spoke on “trust and service in a transparent world.” He stressed the importance of value-based commerce and closed by saying that we are learning to live by creating and exchanging trust and service.


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Ivo Knöpfel, Head of Research, Sustainable Asset Management. 

Franz Knecht, Founder / Managing Partner, ConNexis.

Halina Ward discusses the emerging agenda of corporate social responsibility  in the context of globalization, particularly with respect to NGO concerns regarding the impacts of globalization.

Halina Ward, Royal Institute for International Affairs.

Javed Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer of Global Responsibility.

Javed Ahmad closes the Global Responsibility Founding Forum, underscoring his pride on a professional level in the overall quality of the Forum and, on an emotional level, his sense that something important and of great potential was underway.
Jonathan Bendit describes the development of SHEiiBA (Safety health and environment intra industry benchmarking associations), a collaborative benchmarking tool that allows information exchange between companies.

Jonathan Bendit, Director of Corporate Benchmarking Services.


Stakeholder role players.

Kay Sexton, Executive Director, AccountAbility, co organizer of workshop session featuring  a “crisis” role playing activity.

Participants were presented with the fictional situation of a UK-based company, “Sports Unlimited”, that has just learnt that a TV programme will expose the company’s labor practices in its tennis racquet factory in Africa. The programme will show that young male workers work at below national minimal wages and that the factory manager has confiscated their passports. Participants role-played in two groups: members of the company board at a meeting to discuss their response to the crisis; and company stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders, and a human rights NGO, at a meeting to discuss their response to the situation.

Company board of directors role players.

Martin Charter, Center for Sustainable Product design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College.

Image from the workshop on "environmental to sustainable product related communication."

Manfred M�hlberger, Healthcare Without Harm.

Participants at the workshop on "Towards sustainable travel and tourism."

David Stubbs, Executive Director, Committed to Green Foundation.


Participants at the closing of the Forum.


Eva L�vbrand, Global Responsibility Event Coordinator.


Ulrich Goluck.

 Ulrich Goluck closes the Forum with a speech on �trust and service in a transparent world.�

The Sustainable Developments Team:

Richard Campbell.

Jonathan Krueger.

David Fernau, a delegates view.


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