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January 2005
Country Led Initiative in Support of the United Nations Forum on Forests Regarding a Future International Arrangement on Forests

25 - 28 January 2005 | Guadalajara, Mexico
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  Over 200 experts, representing governments, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations, gathered in Zapopan-Guadalajara, Mexico to participate in a country-led initiative (CLI) in support of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) on the future of the international arrangement on forests (IAF) from 25-28 January 2005. The purpose of the CLI was twofold: to elaborate the critical elements that countries would like to see included in a future IAF; and to provide an informal contribution that will help provide a basis for the decision concerning the future of the IAF that will be taken at UNFF-5. During the meeting, participants considered five specific aspects of a future IAF: objectives and functions; modalities; options for financing; identification of the international and domestic roles and contributions of the potential components of the IAF; and the challenge ahead. In the end, the participants, all of whom were speaking in their personal capacities, produced a final report that will be submitted to the United Nations. The final report is not a consensus report, but simply captures the broad range of personal opinions that were expressed during the four-day meeting. More.

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