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10 June 2012   HTML version PDF format
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Biodiversity Policy & Practice
Forty-second Meeting of the Global Environment Facility Council (GEF)

5-7 June 2012 | Washington, DC, United States of America

At the opening of the second day of the 42nd meeting of the GEF Council, Fernando Lugris, Chair, Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) on Mercury, briefed Council members on the status of the mercury negotiations. The Council also discussed two information documents on chemicals: one regarding strategies to realize co-benefits on chemicals and climate change, the other discussing possible options for the GEF to serve as the financing mechanism for the mercury agreement.

Council members also discussed and ultimately approved the Work Program, which they were told represents the largest program presented to the Council to date, with 84 stand-alone project concepts and two programmatic approaches amounting to US$667.26 million in GEF project grants, and the largest number of recipients included in a GEF Work Program.

The Council reviewed proposals for the FY13-14 business plan and FY13 budget, but decided to wait for requested cost figures from the Trustee before giving final approval. The Council also reviewed options for changing the Project Management Information System (PMIS). Members expressed preference for the option whereby PMIS functionality would become part of the World Bank’s updated corporate systems serving many trust funds, with many noting this would increase efficiencies and meet many concerns expressed by the auditor of the GEF Trust Fund.

On the agenda item on Fee Structure for Agencies, Council members generally supported the recommendations of the Fee Working Group, with some indicating they would have preferred a recommendation for greater cuts. They debated whether implementation of the decision should begin on 1 July 2012, as proposed by the Working Group, or on 1 January 2013, to allow time to take into account further information on possible streamlining and cost cutting. A revised draft decision was circulated and will be considered Thursday.

During the final half hour of discussion, the Council initiated discussions on the two-stage screening of applicants to become new project agencies, with 11 agencies—five national, two regional and four civil society organizations—rated with overall passing scores and eligible for stage-two assessment of their compliance with GEF policies and standards. At the close of the day, the Council hosted a reception in honor of outgoing GEF CEO and Chairperson Monique Barbut.
Monique Barbut and Jozef Buys
Monique Barbut, GEF CEO and Chairperson, and Jozef Buys, Council Co-Chair, conferred.
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4 June - 5 June - 6 June - 7 June
Highlights for Wednesday, 6 June
Matthias Seiche
Matthias Seiche, Germany
Ibrahima Sow
Ibrahima Sow, GEF Secretariat
Fernando Lugris
Fernando Lugris, Mercury INC Chair
Libran Cabactulan
Libran Cabactulan, Philippines
Ramon de Mesa
Ramon de Mesa, GEF Secretariat
Ludovica Soderini
Ludovica Soderini, Italy
Eunhae Jeong
Eunhae Jeong, Republic of Korea
Maryam Niamir-Fuller
Maryam Niamir-Fuller, UNEP
Bella Tonkonogy, US
Bella Tonkonogy, US
Room Shot
The World Bank's Lewis T. Preston Auditorium during the meeting
PMIS transactional diagram
Diagram of transactions before streamlining of the Project Management Information System
Silvia Merega
Silvia Merega, Argentina
Pamela Crivelli
Pamela Crivelli, Trustee Office
Mary Barton-Dock
Mary Barton-Dock, World Bank
Rithirak Long
Rithirak Long, Cambodia
Nuritdin Inamov
Nuritdin Inamov, Russia
João Lopes
João Lopes, Guinea-Bissau
Gilbert Metcalf
Gilbert Metcalf, US
Mariano Mu&ntildeoz Carpena
Mariano Muñoz Carpena, Spain
Annemarie Watt
Annemarie Watt, Australia
Paul Akiwumi, Monique Barbut and Jozef Buys

L-R: Council Secretary Paul Akiwumi, GEF CEO and Chairperson Monique Barbut and 42nd GEF Council Co-Chair Jozef Buys, Belgium

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Evening Reception in Honor of Outgoing GEF CEO Monique Barbut
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Around the Meeting Venue
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