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11-13 December, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Co-Sponsored by IIASA, UNDP, the Austrian Government and the City of Vienna


IISD's SUMMARY REPORT is available online in HTML ball.gif (204 bytes) TEXT ball.gif (204 bytes) PDF 

The Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (GFSE) is intended as a platform for multi-stake-holder dialogue on issues pertinent to energy for sustainable development. It grew out of the outreach efforts of the World Energy Assessment and is envisaged to orchestrate a series of dialogues that will facilitate decision-making on policy issues in the appropriate fora. The first event is dedicated to rural energy because of the urgent need to address the question of bringing modern energy services to the more than 2 billion people currently without access to modern energy. Its conclusions will inform the energy process of the Commission on Sustainable Development in 2001 and hopefully generate concrete cooperation endeavors in countries. The first event of the GFSE is also intended to build support for and design the work-plan for GFSE activities in the years ahead.

bulletJanuary 2001 - The OFFICIAL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of this meeting is now available
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