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"Interlinkages- International Conference on Synergies and Coordination between Multilateral Environmental Agreements"
14-16 July 1999, Tokyo, Japan

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Photos from Working Groups

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Photos and RealAudio

Photos and RealAudio for 16 July

In the morning, onference participants met in working groups on: scientific mechanismss, synergies for sustainable development, finance, harmonization of information systmes and information exchanges and issue management. In an afternoon Plenary, participants heard reports by the Working Group Chairs and participated in a panel discussion on challenges faced and lessons learned during working group deliberations.

Panelists discuss challenges faced and lessons learned in working group deliberations . . . .


Panel Discussion: Q and A Session
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Closing Remarks from J. A. Ginkel, Rector, UNU

The panel discussion was moderated by J.A. van Ginkel, Rector, UNU. On the left, panelists included (from left to right) Remi Paris, Development Cooperation Directorate, Mark Collins, Chief Executive, WCMC, Ruth Mackenzie, FIELD, Jacob Werksman, Managing Lawyer, FIELD, Salvano Briceno, Former Deputy, CCD, and Former Principle Offier, FCCC, Brett Orlando, Climate Change Programme Officer, IUCN, J.A.van Ginkel, Gary Sampson, Professor, London School of Economics and Senior Visisting Professor, UNU/IAS,a nd Akiko Domoto, President, GLOBE, Japan

Salvano Briceno and Brett Orlando co-chaired the Working Group on Issue Management
J.A. van Ginkel, Moderator, and Gary Sampson, Chair of the Working Group on Synergies for Sustainable Development
Akiko Domoto (left), Co-Chair of the Workign Group on Scientific Mechanisms,and Jacob Werksman, FIELD

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